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  1. incredible quality shot loved it!!!
  2. Agree, that is perfect !!! congratulations !!
  3. Best graphics ever Iam. I want mine that way too, maybe i will be able to buy a new card in 3 months i am saving money, your flight is so beautiful!!!
  4. Are you seeing the pictures ? First time at the new method, thank you! Take care, Lucas
  5. I got sad after trying the Mooney it is heavy to my computer, lots of stuttering and lags, impossible to enjoy the flight! Was not expecting this. Nice shots by the way!
  6. A few from Darrington Mun, a fast short flight! Lucas.
  7. Is this from a single screen ? nice shot!
  8. Getting the hang of the new sim! Loving it, but still fighting with little stutters which is annoying me, it is weird, my fps is high, static and these damn stutters, guess it is my computer, but i feel like almost there you know, don't know what else to do, it is great for what i have. i7 6700@stock, gigabyte gtx 1070, 16gb ddr4 2133, 4tb hd, mb asus pro gaming, 49''' 4k tv well, maybe it is not only me, but i am ok, gonna try all that is possible here. Bye!!
  9. It is amazing, i am VERY happy with it too. Performs better than P3D in my old computer and what a nice shot.
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