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  1. This is beautiful, loved it!
  2. Some times I get really impressed with them, Sky force 3d Orbx
  3. Like mine, I am fine with it. You didn't need to, thank you very much for the attention.
  4. I don't have hotfix yet. Have you done a complete new install ?
  5. Looking good, Jack! Just curiosity, how long does your loading screen take ? until 100%. Thank you!! mine get stuck at 6% for like 15-20 seconds too, then one minute more till 100%, version 4.4 was worse for me, and if I remember well 4.3 was the best in loading time. Another thing that I wish was better is the entrance loading, how long take for you guys ? Mine take 2-3 minutes, should be better !
  6. Only one, thought it was cool.
  7. Wonderful images. Quality!
  8. Nossa puta gráfico animal em! Que computador é esse ? Valeu!
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