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  1. Nothing much, first time at Meigs, almost used the entire runway! Thank you.
  2. Super flight Jack! You certainly know how to fly them. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Amazing shots, noticed in the second shot, the front landing gear is turned while it is being retracted, is it possible in real life ? If I press the rudder in the air, does anyone know if the front landing gear also turn ? Never noticed it Thanks for sharing, keep them coming!
  4. Obrigado, Rodger! Hmmm coffee goes very well!
  5. I want it so bad man! Looks different from p3d.
  6. Actually I didn't go anywhere, it is in Minas Gerais state, Pampulha airport, BR. I like to practice touch and go's a lot. Thank you, Jack! Nooo, I won't leave the forum, I left the airport! sorry my English sux. Thanks mate! I will!
  7. Yes, it is very cool Jack, looks good with Buildings HD, try it, my buildings autogen is set to Dense, unfortunately. Thanks! Obrigado, Carlos! É verdade a cidade é grande mesmo. E as nuvens são cortesia do Sky force. Glad you liked! It is from Sky force. Thank you.
  8. High quality, Jack! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Nice shots! I woke up, saw this topic of yours, and now I want to practice three points landings with this aircraft, I have it too.
  10. Beautiful freeware scenery, I will install all of them, and then practice some local flights, it will be cool!
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