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  1. Doug, Thank you again for all you great info. I will start reviewing it all. I will not bother you again. At least for now!!! LOL Regards!!! George Keefe
  2. Doug, Thank you for the help! For me it is a bit confusing with all the classes of ORBX products, Global, Vector, openLC, regional sceneries, etc.. As one progresses through the improvement of the simulation program, is there any recommended order of installation.....Global first, Vector next and so on and so on???? I really do not know how to proceed in an efficient manor. I am also retired and wish to spend my money efficiently. It appears that each product seems to improve the proceeding product and improve on scenery graphics. Another possible question, is what kind of computer is required to handle all these improvements. Pretty soon I could be overloading my notebook. Regards, George
  3. Thank you everyone!!!! Your guidance worked!! After installing the Orbx Libraries, the NA Pacific Northwest Package loaded and displayed correctly. My original problem was simply a case of my not knowing exactly how to install the Orbx packages. For some reason, I missed observing the detail installation procedures and did not realized the library install was a prerequisite to installing and proper execution of the NA Pac NW Package. If anyone can point me to the precise location of the proper install procedures and proper steps, in the proper order, I will certainly be very grateful. I will study them in detail. I do not wish to make such an error in the future. Again, thank you all! Your rapid, response and expert advice was fantastic! Very Respectfully, George Keefe, Captain US Navy Submarine Service, Retired
  4. I understand now!! At least I think I do! I appreciate the help. Got to keep in mind that I am a dumb, retired Navy Sailor..Not a former flyer. LOL
  5. Thank you for the very quick reply. I will do as you suggest. I did not know that I should install the FTX Global Range. I will do as you recommend tomorrow...I will let you know if that does the trick. Again, thank you. Respectfully, George Keefe ps. do I need FTX Global Base Pack and/or FTX Global OpenLC North America???
  6. GK-ORBX LTR DTD 15 MAY 2018 From: George Keefe To: ORBX Direct Reference: (a) Transaction ID-5af31370103b5 Subj: Help with "NA Pacific Northwest Software" Package and Freeware Package "2S1 Vashon Island Airport 11. Purchased the subject ORBX Direct package "NA Pacific Northwest Package" on 05 May 2018 (TRANSACTION ID 5af31370103b5) Installed on my HP Pavilion with Windows 10 Home addition, 64 bit, x64 based processor, NVIDA GeForce 940MX GRAPHICS. I installed to my flight simulation application, MS FSX STEAM EDITION with no issues and the FSX Steam ran using the new sceneries from the subject package. I also downloaded and installed the Freeware Package "2S1 Vashon Island Airport". 22. I noticed the following display issues during my usage of the new scenery packages. a. The Bremerton Airport graphics, KPWT, did not display the highway (RT3) adjacent to the North of the airport. It did show highway traffic moving along, however, it was transiting on top of the area trees and foliage. The road was nowhere to be found. b. The area at the Bremerton Naval Shipyard was displayed as an enclosed body of water (did not look much like water). Wondering how the several large Aircraft Carriers got there. In reality, that area is Sinclair Inlet and connects to the Puget Sound directly and supports scheduled State Ferry transport to and from Seattle. c. When flying from Vashon Island to Bremerton (KPWT) there was no water displayed. Vashon Island is just that, an island, and I would assume surrounded by water. Not the case when I ran the simulation, just solid land from Vashon Airport to Bremerton (KPWT). 33. I probably did something wrong during the installation. If you have any ideas as to what I have done wrong, please advise. I did use FTX Central 3 to load into FSX. Respectfully, George Keefe, US Navy Submarine Service Retired
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