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  1. Yes YBRK was in the 2018 roadmap: https://fselite.net/news/orbx-2018-roadmap-revealed-photoscenery-cityscapes-new-airports/ Not sure if it's been cancelled as no updates since then that I can find. Jarrad's current project is YPPH including Perth city - he has confirmed that in couple of forum posts.
  2. Thanks Nick, I appreciate the confirmation on compatibility. Hopefully the site will be updated soon.
  3. Just a quick question, why is there still no AU V2 shown under the prerequisite products of AU airports and City Scenes? They all still show the legacy AU V1 - are they all officially supported by V2 or not?
  4. ORBX CityScene Gold Coast + Australia V1. (Also using a mix of ASP4, ASCA, SF3D, ENVTEX, & ENVSHADE)
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