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  1. I would also be keen to know if there are any more land class based regions planned?
  2. Is it correct that the "Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta)" option does not yet support cloud shadows?
  3. There is usually the "May Sale" every May, so you probably won't need to wait long!
  4. I leave everything default. When you start the sim for the first time after installing you'll get a black screen for probably 10-15 seconds while it loads the new shaders. Also make sure you have sent the shaders to the sim from the envdir directory.
  5. I would definitely buy LC Asia. I'd also think it reasonable if it were priced at double the cost of the other LC areas due to it's large size. And yes put me on the prepay list.
  6. Although if you are thinking of upgrading to P3D V5 - I believe ENVSHADE will be obsolete as the shaders out of the box look to be pretty good.
  7. I use ENVSHADE and love it. Just install and forget - no tweaking needed.
  8. Ok thanks for that - interesting its not listed in the official change log..
  9. Yes YBRK was in the 2018 roadmap: https://fselite.net/news/orbx-2018-roadmap-revealed-photoscenery-cityscapes-new-airports/ Not sure if it's been cancelled as no updates since then that I can find. Jarrad's current project is YPPH including Perth city - he has confirmed that in couple of forum posts.
  10. Thanks Nick, I appreciate the confirmation on compatibility. Hopefully the site will be updated soon.
  11. Just a quick question, why is there still no AU V2 shown under the prerequisite products of AU airports and City Scenes? They all still show the legacy AU V1 - are they all officially supported by V2 or not?
  12. ORBX CityScene Gold Coast + Australia V1. (Also using a mix of ASP4, ASCA, SF3D, ENVTEX, & ENVSHADE)
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