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  1. Hello I have FSX SE and I want to uninstall Pacific fjords, but I don't know how to do I have many other Orbx products, but I want to uninstall only this one Can you help me ? thanks
  2. if I choose FSX SE, nothing changes, buildings are missing, Tweak FS FS Registry utility works well but I can't choose FSX instead of FSX SE the last line in Nick's post is " you should now see two choices in an FTX Central start menu ; select Microsoft Flight Simulator X " may be it was in old FTX Central, because now, I told I was in FSX SE and I have no choice anymore if no solution in two days, I think I shall make a clean install to get rid of different things in registry and have a clean installation
  3. Thanks, but in FTX central, I don't see how to choose FSX, my only choice now is FSX SE
  4. Hello before, I had FSX and I downloaded small aiports from North America (about 15 ), everything was perfect and beautiful now, I have FS SE , I downloaded the same airports, and many objects are missing ( buildings ), not the same that the pictures we see when downloading; I have ai traffic, not everywhere, may be it's normal my libraries are well installed and update, but not every thing is installed; I feel that the buildings I have are the buildings of FSX , not Orbx have you a solution ? thanks I couldn't unistall FSX, just erase FSX, may be there is a mix be
  5. Hello when I click on " orbx central ", the icon goes in the task barr and nothing happens when I click on the icon, I see the window of orbx central but it's very small and can't go full size; I have read it's a bug, but a bug of my computer or a bug Orbx ? Anyway, I would like to solve this problem because I can't download anything thanks for your response
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