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  1. Thank you for your responses and putting up with my rant!!! I managed to sort out my Mac OSX level without losing all my other app versions etc... I am now a happy ORBX customer with Central working fine. HAPPY NEW YEAR guys. Pete :-)
  2. Hi Ben Thanks for getting involved Completely understand - I was just shocked that I could no longer update my purchases nor buy any more without warning. I'll stop complaining and at least get up to 10.13.... I think I can get away with Mac OSX High Sierra (10.13) and will try to get my products again later. Have enjoyed ORBX for a very long time and would hate to not be able to continue adding new products. The problem with Mac OSX is that every main upgrade requires purchasing other apps' updates. Appreciate your help
  3. Thanks again Nick I hope the team is supportive of this issue as it means anyone with XPlane-11 on a Mac pre OSX 10.13 can no longer update their already purchased products nor buy any new ones all because of ORBX Central. How do I contact the Development Team regarding this when they return please? Many thanks Pete :-)
  4. Thanks for replying Nick Yes - this could be the problem Should I ask to have my money refunded - but worse still it seems I cannot buy any more products - this would be devastating. Unfortunately I cannot go to a later version of Mac OSX I am now hoping ORBX will enable some alternative download for me. Thanks again for responding. Pete :-)
  5. Operating system: Mac OSX (Sierra - 10.12) Simulator: Xplane-11 (v11.41) Screenshot: Attached Issue: All installations fail in ORBX Central 4 ORBX Central: Version 4.0.33 ( Greetings from Australia I have just made 2 purchases and am unable to download and install the products. This seems to be due to the following:- According to your documentation my OSX version is not supported by ORBX Central 4. It seems that I can only install products now by using ORBX Central 4 This fails with all installations with "Communication error has
  6. AHA!!! Replying to myself - first sign of madness!!! Just read that my Mac OS is not supported (10.12) So how do I get my products please? I am not able to update my Mac above 10.12 Should I ask for my money back? Many thanks Pete :-)
  7. Hi guys Just bought 2 more products - I am on Mac (Sierra) with X-plane 11 fully updated. Seems I can no longer manually download the zip and have to use ORBX Central - I get the classic "Communication Error" with everything. I am running ORBX Central Version 4.0.33 ( How can I access my new products please? Tried manual download but Central still gives the same error. Many thanks Pete :-) P.S. also tried the "Sync" but just says "Error occurred etc...."
  8. Thanks Nick Really hoping this gets resolved.... Kind regards Pete
  9. Do you think there will be a long wait before we see an X-plane 11 version? Great work guys Pete :-)
  10. Hey Tony Thanks for bearing with us on this. I have maintained a constant location check and setup with all of this (at Dunsfold EGTD) I do understand that my Mac is lower spec'd but was getting 25fps at this location and then 11 after SP1 Just taken your advice above and the frame rate jumped up a little to 14/15. Again - really appreciate your support Cheers Pete :-)
  11. Yep - my apologies for the 2 topics - originally I was not thinking this was a "support" issue. Feel free to lock this topic as I fully understand the issue relating to "dual topics" as I administer a forum myself. So please accept my apologies and I will continue to find my solution in the support topic. Kind regards Pete :-)
  12. Thanks Tony - tried that but my low frame rate remained the same.... It's strange - as soon as I replace the SP1 folders with the originals all is perfect..... It seems the WINDOWS users aren't complaining of anything like this and I wondered if it might have something to do with the way it is distributed differently for Mac. Anyhow, thanks for replying Kind regards Pete :-)
  13. Thanks John for the link - will look into that too although have already tried some of it. I am thinking this is a Mac SP1 distribution related issue - would love to know if anyone else (i.e. Mac user) has experienced this like Tony above.... Cheers Pete
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