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  1. Hello Gumtee, THANKS! I updated to 5.1 and together with your tip I tried it again: loading times magically went down and the blurs seem to have gone. I will try with heavy airliners as well but at least this test is passed!
  2. It was unticked all the time, I am actually clueless why p3dv5 is performing WAY worse than p4d right now. I'm gonna reinstall p5d since flying like this does not make me feel any better haha.
  3. I let p3d rebuild the cfg and verified FT NL without any significant result (also with a GA aircraft). I did a long flight yesterday (10h+) and it seems like ALL the ground textures are now severely blurred, I couldnt even recognize any ground color anymore when landing at the other side of the world so the 'good' news is that its not just FT NL, but my whole P3dv5. Fun fact: the considered 'worse' performing p3dv4 has great textures of FT NL, which I run on the same PC, see screenshot. What happened to p5d is a big mystery now.....
  4. After some test flights there is definitely no improvement. The sim hangs sometimes for 5-10 minutes without responding (ONLY over TE NL) and the ground is just massively blurry. When crossing the border, the sim hangs again and the textures of the non-TE NL (aka the rest of Europe) are crystal clear after. This screen was made after a screen froze of about 10 minutes with normal speeds all the way from EHAM. It is unflyable right and I think i will uninstall TE NL for p5d since this is no fun. I did not have these troubles with p4d before... (EDIT: FPS were locked at 28 below)
  5. Hello Nick, Thank you for your reply. The 881 knots is indeed high, but I just use the default aircraft for a 'quick' tour around the airport instead of loading a complex addon-aircraft. Unfortunately 250 or 800 knots does not make a huge difference, since I had massive blurries when flying out of EHAM with a 'slow' 737 as well. When I pause the sim it takes approx 5 minutes for the textures to get sharp. I will try lowering the FPS limit, hope that helps a bit but it seems weird that I have blurries with those good fps of 50 (if they were low it would make sense). I tri
  6. Hello all, I am experiencing massive blurries with True Earth Netherlands (FT EHAM is also installed). When selecting a flight, it takes ages before the scenery is loaded (stuck at 5%) and when I fly more than let's say 10nm out of the airport the scenery starts to blur severely, see screenshot. My FPS are good (I can get 30-50 fps on EHAM, limited) and I have recently upgraded my PC to some good hardware. A complete uninstall of TE NL did not change a thing. Fun fact: when I leave the border of the Netherlands (the ground is completely blurred by then), the sim freezes and 2 min l
  7. Dear Holger, You are correct about the white snow-ish/salt flat texture, but there seems to be some kind of different texture mashed up through it in a sharp edged form, see again my screen below. I am pretty certain that is not how it should be...
  8. Hi Gerold, I had that issue quite a lot and reinstalling OpenLC always fixed the problem, or in the Toronto case turn LC off. However I think my problem is a bit different, it looks like a piece of the wrong texture is just 'splintered' north of SLC, but it is not a night texture... Hope Orbx will look into it Cheers, Thomas
  9. Thank you for your reply! I followed these steps and it does not make a difference. Regarding the Toronto area the fix was pretty simple, disabling LC did the trick. Still the area around SLC does not look right...
  10. Dear Orbx, When flying out of KSLC today I noticed something out of the ordinary which has to do with OpenLC NA. As you can see in the screenshot, something is clearly not right and it does not look like fitting into the landscape, as it kinda looks like snow and there is a part of different texture blended in between. When I disable OpenLC NA, it looks a lot better (see second screen). I reinstalled OpenLC NA multiple times, deleted the backup, installed again, verified files, but it always gives me this result. I cannot recon that I saw this happening before. Strange sideno
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