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  1. for me ,having the same issue , added 8gb to my pc now is 16 it helped a lot
  2. i do not have enough free gb for install, and have old files not in use. i want to delete it manually than to reinstall the true earth netherland. so what do i need to delete and where thanks
  3. when will be also tel-aviv city of israel with ben gurion airport?
  4. hello orbex developers i would like to use llbg airport on p3d4 as nobody had made it yet. thanks people
  5. in the mean time i understood that i have to use edge and not explorer for downloading and in central using the install options ,so now all is ok. thanks to Nick for his help nachman
  6. how can download it so also if it fails to complete it can be continue from that point? i am trying to download it for 6 hours and 28% downloaded on manual download.
  7. for me the ssd changed my pc . load time is short so the whole pc is better.
  8. i like to fly also from llbg but i cannot find a product that can show israel and llbg. is there a way to have it with orbx? thanks
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