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  1. I did not see it but I use FsMovMap on my android tablet but I am on P3Dv4.5 http://www.rahsim.com/ Ken
  2. What amazes me is only 102 people voted so far. I don't know the number of members of the Orbx forum but it might be 100,000? Ken
  3. Sascha, thanks, can you post a picture from your scenery of the west side of Miami so I can see what it should look like. Thanks Ken
  4. Why are there no buildings - just flat land the the west of the city of Miami? Ken
  5. Flew my Helicopter into town at Notrodden hopped out for a run and watched the train arrive at the railway station. It departs if you wait a few minutes. Ken
  6. New flyers in MSFS2020 are adding videos of what to do in a simulator. Here is a prime example, - attempting to land a Caravan on the top of city buildings in LA. You can skip the front end rubbish and start a t 9 minutes.
  7. A six foot wide image with the projector only 16" away with 4K resolution may change the need for monitor/s. https://newatlas.com/home-entertainment/optoma-cinemax-p2-4k-laser-projector/ Cheers Ken
  8. Dropped in to see the action P3Dv4.5 would be interesting to see the MSFS2020 view of the front gate. Ken
  9. How about sailing low on Cloud 9 a luxury yacht owned by a Chairman of a board I was on before retirement Ken
  10. My local golf course in Sydney was closed for renovations this week, so I wnt for a run around Boulder city Golf Course. Cheers Ken
  11. I will be waiting some considerable time before I venture into MSFS2020 having seen all the bugs and strange scenery issues plus no Helicopters yet. Orbx in P3Dv4.5 is still a great experience. Regards Ken
  12. Luquin no three curved 27" HD screens see below Ken
  13. Chanp I have sent you a PM about this. Ken
  14. P3Dv4.5 click on image for better detail Cheers Ken
  15. I use two 10" Android tablets. One for Moving map FsMovMap here is a picture The other for iFMS Google search will lead you to the software for both. Cheers Ken
  16. Nick, success, matter solved, no more floaters after I installed the latest Client I now have P3D all working fine Thanks for your help. Regards Ken
  17. Hi Nick, thanks for the procedure, I find my P3D4 version is outdated - it is I will update tomorrow and assume my floaters at Malmo will go away. I assume I can just update the "Client"? Cheers Ken
  18. Nick, I don't have any other ESMS addon or freeware for Norway or Sweden I did PM "ceklund" and he replied today as follows... I had missed to update my P3D 4.5 to the latest build. That solved my problem, at least for now Good luck. So how do I tell if I have the latest version of 4.5? Thanks Ken Read full message
  19. Thanks for all suggestions, I guess since another person had the same floaters at Malmo it is a fault that is difficult to fix. Please advise if there is anything further to try. Regards Ken
  20. I saw a video of the Beta version a seaplane landing beside the Sydney Opera House. The Opera House was done very well. But the rest of Sydney is poor indeed. No Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay was not like it really is. The city skyline is also just Autogen buildings. In all much to do before us locals see our city as it really is, The Orbx P3D version is much better. Here is the video
  21. Here is today's screenshot, are they windows from Malmo airport?
  22. Nick, Marcus, I followed Nick's instructions. Un-installed Object Flow then installed Object Flow into the new Orbx Central Library folder. Started the sim and the floaters are still there. Looking at the screenshots it maybe that they are unrelated to Malmo - could be floaters for another source. Comments welcome. Regards and thanks Ken
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