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  1. A real life video on how to do this properly B 737 into Bristol England.
  2. You may not see many pyramids in Australia Ken
  3. Jack, When are you coming to Sydney? Regards Ken
  4. Click on to "configure" and a pop-up will display where you can select AEC see here Ken
  5. How about the new 88 inch LG TV with 8k resolution. Your GPU may struggle to get any reasonable frame rates Cheers Ken
  6. Jon, thanks for the news clip, for your interest I play golf with Bill Purdy in Sydney AUS, Bill is 96 and was a Lancaster pilot in the second world war. I have had him over to my house to fly my Lancaster on my simulator. Pretty amazing to play golf at 96 and he's not too bad either. Here is a news clip six years ago https://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-03-25/veteran-wwii-pilot-still-flying-tiger-moths-at-90/5343832 Cheers Ken
  7. Thanks John, that seems logical. JJ if you read my reply I listed a sample of Australian Airports "YMML, YMAV, YBTH, YBCS YDCR" Cheers Ken
  8. Jack, I went to that site but it does not give details of Updates. It gives releases. For Example what were the changes in the updates for YMML, YMAV, YBTH, YBCS YDCR etc. etc. Ken
  9. Ed, today I updated about 15 Australian airports that had a red dot. Can you give me a few words as to what did all these updates do? Thanks Ken
  10. Transcon, fantastic video and setup. May I ask what screens or monitors are you using? Regards Ken
  11. Nick, yes, but I don't print it, I look it up on Word on the monitor. Cheers Ken
  12. I found a better way. Open P3D then go to Scenery Library then use your Microsoft Sniping tool to capture pages. Here is a sample of a couple of my snips which now reside in a Word document. Ken
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