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  1. David , I enjoyed this one, and I recall you did it in daytime. I duplicated the flight and did it today, however I don't have TE so I was flying with P3Dv4.5 EU England and the tower with the round feature is not shown plus the representation of Brighton Pier is pretty basic. I guess I would have to DL TE to see it properly. Anyway good flying and good control for the pedals as you held you view whilst rotationg around the tower. Regards Ken
  2. Maybe you have Downloaded RTMM Totem Bight, if not go to Return to Misty Moorings and download, scenery is under "T" Totem Bight Lodge and Ops Center (Refreshed V2 08.08.2019) Scenery and Story created by Doug Linn Start: N55 23.9325 ... W131 44.4974 ... Mag: 106.7 ... Land/Water ... WP: R236A (Start needs amphibian) The Totem Bight Operations Center is the original "maintenance area" for RTMM. We have reconstructed it giving it hardened ramps you can "drive" up onto. You can start from the "back deck" and go down into the water with an amphibian. You'll also notice a nice little cabin just off shore. A good place to park and watch the shipping traffic and float planes that navigate down the Tongass Narrows. It is not far north from Ketchikan. Cheers Ken
  3. I see this at the bottom of my Orbx Central Do I need to install these I have A2 Australia And New Guinea airports? Thanks ken
  4. I seek this scenery for P3Dv4.5 and can only find an FSX version (Armi) Does any body know if it works on P3D? Or do you know of another development? Thanks Ken
  5. Joel, thanks for that one, a great experience. I started at Long Beach and flew the LA River in the reverse direction to your flight. Landed at Van Nys. Regards Ken.
  6. Here is an excellent summary of what happened
  7. I am always concerned about the many posts where members of the forum complain that the view out the cockpit needs correction. Hers are some examples That village is missing a church That town does not spread into the trees like that There is a new runway at that airport when will you fix it. I fly that approach in real life and in the sim it is missing some buildings. I am sure you can all remember many more of these. Here is simulation when there were no complaints And here is the same airport simulated today Give it a rest guys, enjoy what you have. Cheers Ken
  8. Iain is BA flying again? Ken
  9. Orbmoke, I did not mean verify files. You have to start the sim. On the main menu screen bottom right next to Flight Planner click Scenery then go to the bottom right and press Ok The scenery will rebuild it will take some time and the floating houses should now be on the ground.. Ken
  10. Re TeeCee, I heard from Terry's wife today, he is in hospital, went in a couple of days ago with double pneumonia, he went into ICU but is out of ICU today and doing much better. No visitors until his test for COVID-19 comes back negative. Keep safe Ken
  11. Orbmoke, you can usually fix floating houses if you run the scenery library again. Cheers Ken
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