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  1. Thanks Jarrad, I found it, and the gondolas were running up and down. Map ref for base station at the end of the Tram Road is Lat N33.50 1340 Lon W116. 36 50 Found it on Plan G Took a picture Cheers everbody Regards Ken
  2. I see the top cable station in the view above but no cables and gondolas Ken
  3. In FSX I could find it. I had fun landing on the pylons in a Heli. I cannot see it now I am on P3Dv4.5. Is it there in P3D? Comments, location and or pictures welcome. I am flying west of the northern end of KPSP runway. Thanks Ken
  4. Might enhance our simulation of flying over scenery https://newatlas.com/computers/looking-glass-8k/ Ken
  5. If you want an Airbus A380 for your P3Dv4 there is a good freeware here https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/24767/fsx-airbus-a380-mega-pack/ Cheers Ken
  6. P3Dv4 Singapore leaving YSSY at 10 am Cheers Ken
  7. Fall Dusk Winter Night Winter Thanks Orbx another gem. Regards Ken
  8. Ok I give up, how did you get the real person flying in your views over the left shoulder working the yoke? Nice video, well done Ken
  9. Falcon, MS have confirmed it will not be a Monthly Subscription model. Ken
  10. When you realise the amount of hours of developer time that goes into an Airport like Edinburgh I think it is bloody cheap at the offer price. Cheers Ken
  11. Taken at dusk. Fab scenery Thanks Orbx Regards Ken
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