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  1. Taken at dusk. Fab scenery Thanks Orbx Regards Ken
  2. Here are a couple of screenshots to get your interest Fly toward Bulga and then to Jerry's Plains. Thanks Terry for the tip. Regards Ken
  3. JohnY hi, if you look at FSElite https://fselite.net/ every morning you will get the latest news about flight simulation. I also get the PC Pilot Magazine but some of the content is old news. Cheers Ken
  4. Nick, with current technology it must be possible to filter emails so that P3D users don't get emails relating to X Plane. Of course for those who have both platforms they would get all mail notices. Regards Ken
  5. Interesting video, thanks. BTW it might be nice to check the spelling of Telluride. Cheers Ken
  6. Matt I recommend you install UT Live. It is the best and most popular AI Traffic add-on. see http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=utlive Regards Ken
  7. This article may be of interest. You might like to try them. https://www3.forbes.com/lifestyle/the-17-most-dangerous-airports-in-the-world-and-why-you-must-experience-them/18/ Regards Ken
  8. Since many of us use UT Live, we know that UT Live will populate gates at airports, so I support the suggestion to make static aircraft an option on all future airport developments. Thanks Ken
  9. I have made a further improvement by adding side skirts to my three curved screens. I had two pieces of thin Aluminium cut like this and painted black. Now from the front the setup looks like this And from the rear it looks like this The result was better immersion. Cheers Ken
  10. Correction I meant Screenshots not General Forum. Ken
  11. This is a new way to get birthday wishes on to the General Forum instead of the designated Neil Hill Memorial Lounge. Anyway Happy Birthday Ken
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