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  1. It's symbiotic, the only shame is they couldn't get together sooner. Still, that just means we have more to look forward to
  2. That suggests airports not previously given the OrbX treatment, or does it?
  3. Looks superb. I think EGLC London and EGCC Manchester will do nicely to go with TE South and Central me, me me!
  4. hehe I meant a patch for SP1 for South (I know you are working on one ) Good news on Central, very much looking forward to it. Thanks for the update.
  5. Do we have any news on a patch for Xplane TE South SP1 and TE Central SP1? Any breakthroughs or features or just more hard graft correcting imperfections? Animated sea traffic, night lighting, coastal mesh corrections, performance improvements etc? Everyone will have different priorities as will OrbX themselves, can you tell us what you are prioritising for a future patch or will you announce at the time? The darker roads were a godsend BTW.
  6. LOL that is awesome attention to detail guys. I will admit to flying low in X plane to read motorway signs before now and always wondered if it would be possible to swap out signage or even put in correct signage Now that's VFR! The rotten food from hardcore simmers is hitting me in the face already! The trees look fantastic too, amazing job, they were always one of the weaker elements of Xplane autogen.
  7. I don't know if it is purely placebo but the trees look even better than I can remember. There does seem to be a lack of exclusion zones in some places though, for example take off from Cardiff and the aqueduct has trees growing through it.
  8. Yes there are also missing LIT textures for some autogen buildings and those that have them need a little work because currently they look very fake with every window lit with same lighting an example of which can be seen in your screenshot I elaborate and give an example of how it should be in the Xplane thread and it is how other scenery developers get their night textures to look much more natural and realistic. Other than that and the usual issues related to new releases this is an amazing piece of work and worth every penny.
  9. This thread is not sim specific as far as I can tell since the OP mentions all the sims.
  10. Thank you for the release John and all those who worked on it over the weekend, great company. Downloading...
  11. Obviously not happening today. I guessed as much when I heard there was a last minute bug. No telling how long these things take to fix, could be a few minutes or a few days, sometimes longer. Hopefully we will get a release this W/E but regardless we will just have to be patient as they will release the moment it is ready.
  12. Thanks for the update. It will save me going into seizures hitting refresh
  13. Yes the night lighting was the one true let down of TE Britain releases but I know they were working on this. Judging by the screenshots it has been corrected and hopefully we now also have all the missing lit textures that were absent in London especially, I guess there are a few improvements that have not been mentioned.
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