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  1. Hopefully this doesn't come across as sanctimonious but I think experienced users of flight sims OrbX is developing for can help by popping into the support forums now and again and if they see something they know they can help with then chip in, especially if you have first hand experience of any issue. I know some already do this. The support team can always add official support as and when they can and need to.
  2. Looks interesting. Not sure I could put up with the inane attempts at humour and dodgy voice acting though - or is that just the tutorial?
  3. We know that the TrueEarth Washington enhancement pack will include at least one OrbX airport and some higher res textures but what more can OrbX tell us?
  4. You don't need any of those. Adjust your gamma, brightness and contrast settings in Nvidia control panel for Xplane and use OrbX scenery and maybe some free 3rd party add on that allows you to change Xplane appearance in game if necessary. If you are still not happy then look into payware solutions but the only add on's that remotely give value for money other than scenery or aircraft packages are weather add on's IMO.
  5. Looks superb but I can still see the same issue I have with other TE products at night with the repetitive and unrealistically lit industrial autogen buildings though perhaps theya re at least a bit dimmer so not quite as jarring? Worth the purchase for the day scenery alone though and looks as though custom buildings have nice lit textures.
  6. Maybe but I am wondering whether this will be only available on project scarlet. Looks well beyond anything a current console could render.
  7. Clearly this isn't using the same autogen and textures tech we are used to, assuming of course that we are seeing in game footage and personally I feel sure at least some of this is prerendered such as the shot of the plane in the hangar. So the question is how do you stream in and render that much detail on the fly? Either Microsoft have some amazing new engine or people are going to be in some way disappointed. It says captured in real time at the start of the video and the images are created by a blend of satellite data and machine learning, guess we will just have to wait and see.
  8. I'll wait for some real world glimpses and hard information before jumping on the hype train, it is a long way down the tracks at the moment.
  9. My PC has gone into hiding. Unfortunately the software is ahead of the hardware at this point in time, especially if you want Xplane in VR but it is wonderful you are pushing the boundaries, even with your base products.
  10. Looks fantastic but has me thinking this is how TE Britain London and other OrbX major cities should look at night for Xplane which has great night lighting out of the box. Let's see how Xplane looks with Washington (Seattle), the night textures really need to be batter than current Xplane instalments though the daytime is wonderful.
  11. Is there any more information on Central SP1? Is there a reason it has not been released as we are told it is finished?
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