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  1. Not overhyped if you're asthmatic and 60ish. I work from home, but picked a bad time to destroy my foot, so I've seen more doctors in the last month than in the last 40 years, inevitable that I'll get it. An in-law's family has already been quarantined.
  2. The Buildings HD issue with airport terminals isn't just with REX. I don't have REX, but have the funky facades and roofs on my larger terminals in Orbx Regions when Buildings HD is installed. Hopefully they come up with a fix.
  3. The models that posed for those avatars are highly insulted, Carlos.
  4. I'm just glad Nick provided that file and especially the lights configurator a couple of months ago or I never would have switched permanently to Orbx Central. Files saved to a flash drive. Two in fact. Many thanks, Nick!
  5. Ah, thanks for that, Andrew. For some reason I always scroll left. That did the trick.
  6. Along the same lines, I noticed that the announcement thread shows the POI for New Zealand's North Island as well as the outlines for both islands. The only product info I have for Oceania is for the Chatham Islands. Is the public release different from the Fastlane release?
  7. In A2A's case, the effects aren't listed in aircraft.cfg either. The effect is called by the model, but there is a separate fx file associated with it. You might want to search around through any effects folders.
  8. Beautiful! If the lights aren't baked into the model, you should be able to modify them. Not familiar with AH, but A2A has its own effects folder, and I have successfully toned down my T-6 lights.
  9. I checked for updates in Central, but it said none were available? Do we have to download the new version from the website?
  10. I dropped out of Alpha two weeks ago before ever receiving an invite. Today I got my download instructions. Well done!
  11. It's in your Orbx/User Documents folder, wherever you chose to install your scenery. Mine's in the default P3D folder install location.
  12. Ha! Malacoota is one of my favorites, gorgeous area, but it's from the original Australia 2, not one of the 70 new airports included in SP1. I have yet to see any AI traffic at any of those 70, though I certainly haven't checked them all.
  13. I'm not sure how that would be possible. Those 70 airports didn't exist when Graham did his last AI Traffic update. I haven't seen anything but a couple of static aircraft at the new ones.
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