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  1. You have to get a card that doesn't charge the FTF. I have one that doesn't, one that does. By the way, PayPal would charge to convert the currency from AUD to USD.
  2. Ah yes, that brings back memories. I used S51 McBeth on the Klamath River as my home field in FSX, and I flew to Happy Camp all the time, both pretty hairy. I didn't have Orbx though.
  3. Gorgeous! Far prettier views than Carswell. #5 is superb.
  4. It certainly doesn't look like that with my vanilla Australia 2, must have something to do with YMML (which I don't have) not agreeing with the newer mesh? Anyhoo, fabulous shots, Jack, some of your best bridge work!
  5. Or, you could check this site once per day to see all the latest releases/news. I NEVER subscribe to emails unless somebody's sending discounts with them.
  6. I bought Pro when I built this one, terrified of Windows updating during my flights and possibly messing up my P3D. I've never experienced a problem with the latter at all. I choose when to update, but in all honesty, I'm not sure I'd make that purchase again. I have Home on my backup computer (no flightsims on it), and I've never had a problem with it either. I think Home checks for updates when I first boot up, so it wouldn't be an issue since I don't start flying that soon anyway. I do like tweaking with gpedit (easier than messing with the registry), but again, not sure it's worth the extra $100 or so.
  7. I guessed I missed the update. Maybe I should watch it again.
  8. P3D still has to load the physical models, so there's still gonna be a hit. I realize people want traffic outside Australia/New Zealand, but Graham's freeware traffic is perfect for the area. It includes airlines, GA, and military, tons of models and beautiful paints, all compatible with P3D. I've never used it with the sliders below 100%, both on a GTX 1060 and a 1080. Tiny hit on FPS, and no stutters. And the Orbx AI is controlled by the P3D sliders, Stewart.
  9. OOMs? That's odd. Is this with a specific Orbx airport installed? I bought a 1080 worried that I'd have problems with the Aus2 Melbourne Cityscape, but I'm not even using 4GB of Vram there with almost every slider full right (no tree/building shadows though), including Graham's freeware traffic set at 100%. Heck, my frame rates are better there than at Auckland and Christchurch. But I don't have any Australian airports yet.
  10. SA-16? Oooooh, one of my dad's favorites. He rode on those with the 31st at Clark.
  11. You win 25 of my likes since I'm not using them. You have to pay shipping, though.
  12. Just enjoy Australia 2 and Aus/NZ AI Traffic knowing that it's not coming anytime soon to that platform. The odds get even. I finally gave up waiting on Central 4 and installed Aus 2 and the traffic through Central 3 and am enjoying the heck out of it. Thank you Holger, Graham, and especially the late Neil Hill for your wonderful work. Loving all of the upgraded/added airports! Military AI? You bet!
  13. My CDs only gather dust because I converted all of them to FLAC. I still buy them. I can't listen to MP3s or any other lossy formats offered by streaming services, quality is horrific. You can get lossless streaming, but you pay an arm and a leg for it. I miss my vinyl, quality couldn't be beat, nothing compares to analog, but I just didn't have room to keep it. I'm kind of the same way about my flightsim. I want to own it, not stream it. What happens if they stop offering the service?
  14. Of course, always my preference. Just frustrated at my stubbornness. I installed a clean copy of Windows 10 and P3D 4.5 in May, and held off installing any Orbx in anticipation of the new Central. So I've been flying the ugly default for two months. Stupid and stubborn, never a good combo...
  15. Nearly two months since the announcement...somebody wake me when it's ready.
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