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  1. The cockpit video is the first one that didn't blow me away. Looks great of course, but the A2A Bonanza gauges have spoiled me.
  2. I love the buildings, but ended up uninstalling. I don't have REX airport textures either. The striped roof textures at airports, often flickering/flashing, was too distracting. Has this problem (folks without REX) been officially reported so they can come up with a fix?
  3. The image sharpening was the only reason I installed the new driver, never got to use it before the kernel error! I'll probably wait for the next version to try again.
  4. I've been using 436.48 for my 1080, was really working well. I updated to 441.08 this morning, and ended up with a KERNELBASE.dll error, P3D 4.5.2 locked up and shut down on me 15 minutes into a flight. Coincidence or not, I went back to 436.48.
  5. Thanks, Nick. I meant the scenery installation directory. I had asked in a support thread, and somebody said the original Lights Configurator (not the new one) didn't work if Orbx Central installs scenery somewhere outside P3D. So as long as I keep the scenery in the default directory, it should still work. Just bought Buildings HD. No more fuzzy rooftops!
  6. Thanks, Nick, will do. Eventually I'll have to reinstall Orbx Central if buying any new products (or when and if a full update to Australia 2 comes out). I wonder if the Lights Configurator would still work as long as I let Orbx Central install to the same directory as FTX Central?
  7. Looking at the release announcement, it says it's available exclusively throught Orbx Direct, so maybe it was changed since its initial release. Not gonna risk it.
  8. Thanks, guys. I just wanted to make sure the product wasn't changed since its release to only work with Orbx Central. Unfortunately, I don't have Global since I only fly Regions. I'm not going to buy it just for the Lights Configurator. I had a backup download saved, and went back to FTX 3 (my download didn't work with Orbx Central). I tried flying with the standard lights, but my lousy eyes just couldn't take the bright lights.
  9. I saw the sale for Buildings HD, and thought I would grab it, but it says Orbx Central is required for installation. I thought it was released before Orbx Central. I went back to using FTX Central 3 so I could use the Lights Configurator, and successfully downloaded other products that have the same disclaimer. Will it work with FTX Central 3?
  10. Not sure where you're buying your GPUs, but it's quite the opposite in my experience.
  11. This is sort of like saying it's unfair to have bananas on sale this week after you paid full price last week...
  12. Hmmm...I wonder if "Fixed issue where add-on land class textures would not be loaded in some cases" would fix my Australia 2 black texture shape problem? Worth a try I guess.
  13. Looks like an East Texas road, but in the daylight.
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