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  1. Hi, Thank you for the reply, I might be very wrong here, but I think you made an update to EGLW when you made your latest TE south update.
  2. Hi Orbx, The Charity Scenery Project are in the process of releasing EGLW for Xplane 11. However, we are really struggling to remove the TE south EGLW to allow seemless integration into TE. How is the TE south EGLW inbeeded? is it in the Ortho Tile? If so, do you know which tile?
  3. Hi, I will try out tonight and report back. sorry for the delay and thank you.
  4. Hi Orbx, I have noticed the Neddles Lighthouse in TE South is duplicate; 1. one is your model and the other is LR model (looks like a skeleton model) - is there a fix for this? Thanks
  5. i can see it has created a Terra flora folder, but the size is only 26mb - is that correct.
  6. ha ha....sorry, copy and paste and could not change the font size! Yes it is.
  7. Just an FYI - Terra Flora does not seem to install from orbx centre. it just has a spinning wheel. any ideas, i have the latest orbx centre installed.
  8. Hi, This might be user error.....but why are all my roads green?
  9. Arrrr ok that is good to know you are keeping the same convention...thank you
  10. Hi Iain, Quick question......will you be able to exclude parts of the scenery for non orbx airports? I ask as we develop Heliports in the UK and want to make sure our development will be compatible with TE for P3D. We have managed to convert some of our heliports over to TE for xplane and they work great. Just making sure this will be the same in P3D? For example, EGLW ....i am guessing that you have something there already, we want to slot ours in over the top and remove the Orbx version (if that makes scene)! Thank you in advance.
  11. Same with me, i think it is install problem of TE - Under investigation
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