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  1. I have XP and only XP. I am in Australia and also love flying in the UK. So I came to orbx because of TE GB, and I love it. I also have all or most of the limited range of other orbx stuff for XP, and I love it. Now, I am in my 60s and orbx has put me in a position I have never been in before in my whole life, ie I am sitting here with my credit card in my hand wanting to give orbx more of my money!!! I know TE PNW is coming. I know orbx is recruiting. I know non-XP orbx stuff is to be ported over to XP. I know the grand plan is to produce orbx stuff for all sim platforms simultaneously. But it is hard to wait!!! Orbx has spoiled me because “I want it, and I want it now!!!” Anyway, more seriously, orbx stuff is great, and it is great to look forward with eager anticipation to more orbx stuff for XP generally and Australia (where it all started!) in particular. Thanks and Cheers.
  2. See map here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1Jna8qwk_H3CEX7UtCaFwBl0gnfY XP default airports and Orbx True Earth. XEG3YF Abbots Bromley EGSQ Clacton
  3. Did you get to Scotland Jack when you were posted to the UK? I have had two all-too-short holidays there and would love to go again for a longer time. So unspoiled and beautiful. Cheers.
  4. See map here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1Jna8qwk_H3CEX7UtCaFwBl0gnfY XP default airports and Orbx True Earth. EG69 Lundy Island. XEG7RO Rosemarket.
  5. Nice shots, and good luck with the restoration. Cheers.
  6. Hi Ken. Excuse my ignorance, but how do I check to see how many people look at a post? Cheers.
  7. Enjoy British WW2 aircraft over UK WW2 heritage-listed RAF airfields - Part 7 (last one). Cheers. Douglas C-47 over Scampton, Lincolnshire, opened in 1936 as a bomber station. Its association with the Dambuster Raids make it Bomber Command’s most famous base of the Second World War. Spitfire over North Weald, Essex, fighter sector station with Battle of Britain associations, and after Kenley and Debden retains the best-preserved of the landscapes put in place by Fighter Command at the beginning of the Second World War.
  8. I think the only orbx product for XP Australia at the moment is YBRM Broome International, which is beautiful. More orbx stuff for Australia is expected in future and eagerly awaited and I am sure we will all buy them then. In the meantime we can use the free default airports that come with XP and the many freeware custom airports available on the Org Forum. XP 11.33b1 is now available and, besides a lot of de-bugging, it adds a very large number of new and updated airports around the world including several updated ones in Australia. But despite all that, I still want more orbx Australia stuff! Cheers.
  9. Sometimes I think life was better in B&W before we invented colour! Cheers.
  10. Hi Jack. Hope you are well. I recall from previous posts that you were stationed at Upper Heyford for a while. You must have some great memories. The links below might bring some back. I hope they are happy not sad. And, yes, it was a WW1 and WW2 and Cold War RAF and USAF airfield. Had longest runway in Europe I think. Very historic. Here is a nice link http://www.raf-upper-heyford.org/ Also, here is a post I made on the Org last year. I loved that video. Cheers Jack. Posted October 6, 2018 (edited) No. 10 in the UK RAF WW2 airstrip series - 4 airstrips are covered in this excellent video: https://youtu.be/_Os0Fbt0C2M They are shown in the XP pics below. Spitfire 1 pic is RAF Hethel (Norfolk) now used for Lotus sports car manufacture and testing. Spitfire 2 pic is RAF Elvington (Yorkshire) still an active RAF airfield. Spitfire 3 pic is RAF Upper Heyford (Oxfordshire) closed in the 1990s and used in many films. Spitfire 4 pic is RAF Lissett (Yorkshire) now a wind farm (part of the old runways can still be seen in the pic). There is a 5th RAF station covered in the video but it is not an airfield so is not in the pics below. It is RAF Bawdsey (Suffolk) a beautiful old mansion where Radar was mostly developed, no longer a RAF station. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Cheers. (Click and full-screen for best pics.)
  11. Lovely colours. It’s our Aussie light! Cheers.
  12. Enjoy British WW2 aircraft over UK WW2 heritage-listed RAF airfields - Part 6. Cheers. Hawker Tempest fighter over Northolt, London Borough of Hillingdon, one of the stations which played a significant operational role in the Battle of Britain. Memorials commemorate the contribution of Polish airmen to the Allied war effort. This is a very historic airfield and has undergone considerable development, restoration and preservation. Lockheed Hudson bomber over Swanton Morley, Norfolk which, along with West Malling, has the best-preserved example of Art Deco styling of the Air Ministry’s control tower designs (located at the aircraft's right wing tip). The first combined bombing raid with British and American personnel was launched from Swanton Morley on June 29 1942, with both Churchill and Eisenhower present. Most of the original airport was in the open space above the cockpit. The small grass runways between the twin tails are all that now remain.
  13. Glad you’re enjoying XP, Jack. I think it is a credit to anyone who can master more than one Sim! Cheers.
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