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  1. Yep, happy and safe holidays to everyone. Cheers.
  2. Where are we? In a beautiful Stampe - well OK, but not what I was looking for. In orbx True Earth GB Central - well OK, but again not what I was looking for. Hint: Castle. Answer: Caernarfon, North Wales, UK. Pic 2 is a holiday snap from a few years ago. (Click and full-screen for best pic.)
  3. Although true-blue Aussies, my wife and I love visiting the UK. She for art, history, architecture and literature. Me for some of that but more WW2, Battle of Britain, RAF, aviation and other boy's stuff. So orbx's TE GB lets me revisit some of our favourite spots. It's going to be never-ending! Here, from an Aussie-liveried Stearman, is Haworth in picturesque Yorkshire which we both fell in love with. It's was home to the famous Bronte sisters in the early to mid 1800s, authors of the classics Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights etc which are still in print and the subject of movies every now and then. Under the aircraft RH wheel is the parsonage and church where they lived, the parsonage now being a museum which I could not tear my wife away from (I always carry a good book when touring with her!) Under the aircraft RH wing struts is the beautiful, old, winding, very steep main street, which you can see in RL from the pic we took when last there. Oh TE GB, you are going to give me a very sore back-side! Cheers. (Click and full-screen for best pic.)
  4. John, that alternating idea and including NZ is excellent. Don’t forget us down-under, although I think source data is not the best here. Lots of discussion on the Org about all this. Some people are committed to doing their own freeware orthos but when they are told about your great quality control, hand-made POIs, life-time updates, etc they go interestingly quiet! Overall, very positive for you, and I think increasingly so, on the Org. This must be the most exciting time for you and orbx (and therefore us) ever in your history - am I right! Cheers.
  5. flsm (Frank)

    Where's Shoreham?!

    Where's Shoreham?! Ah, there is is! Phew! Now to get this Ercoupe down - no retractable gear, no flaps, and no rudder pedals (linked, co-ordinated ailerons & rudder). Always come in to fast. Ah well, s-turns and/or side-slips should do it. If not, go around! Cheers. (Click and full-screen for best pic.)
  6. flsm (Frank)

    PNW Xplane 11

    John, I have hundreds of great freeware airports for XP from the Org, and up to recently I thought that would do me. But your orbx stuff is so good that they are worth paying for and I have started replacing my freeware with your stuff. If a tight-arse like me does that, you are onto a big winner with XP! But there is not much orbx stuff for XP yet, so great to hear lots more on the way. Cheers.
  7. flsm (Frank)

    GB Central 'Old Farts' discount.

    Thanks Aimee. Your words above are a perfect summary of the issue. Nobody is asking for a discount on an already discounted offer, ie a double discount. We are simply saying that the seniors discount should still apply even where a lower discount is offered to all. Cheers.
  8. Australia took delivery of its first lot of F-35A Joint Strike Fighters today. Getting 75 altogether. Here is one at 10,000' just a few seconds after take-off from orbx's YBRM Broome International, Western Australia. Cheers. (Click and full-screen for best pic.)
  9. flsm (Frank)

    GB Central 'Old Farts' discount.

    I think we oldies who are not rich, and who need to watch every dollar in retirement, and who love Orbx as much as the next guy, and who are not really complaining, and who are not asking for a discount on top of a discount ..... well I think we should be allowed to ask the question. I would not be surprised at all if orbx is happy to offer the higher discount but that their system is not geared up for it. Anyway, we will see, and I am sure we will all buy it in any event. Stay friendly and happy everyone! Cheers.
  10. flsm (Frank)

    GB Central 'Old Farts' discount.

    Could orbx please advice oldendirt, and me, and anyone else who may be interested, if the seniors 20% discount applies for TE GB Central INSTEAD of the 10% one. Cheers.
  11. flsm (Frank)

    TrueEarth GB Central XP11 - lasties ...

    Well done guys. This is one of the many things I like about this Forum, ie potentially acrimonious things are sorted out quickly and nicely. Cheers.
  12. flsm (Frank)

    JV flying and driving out of the real EGHR Goodwood

    You be bloody careful ..... orbx would not be the same without you! Enjoy. Cheers.
  13. I think you will have the choice that you want - see link below. BTW, I am now addicted to photoscenery and my 10 TB HDD (not solid state) is not at all slow. Cheers. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/163398-ftx-global-scenery-for-xp-and-macs/?tab=comments#comment-1437315
  14. flsm (Frank)


    ...... in the meantime, lots on the Org. Cheers
  15. flsm (Frank)

    Old Git Discount

    Would have been nice to know about this when I joined a few weeks ago and bought some items! Ah well, not so much incentive now to wait for sales! Thanks and Cheers.