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  1. flsm (Frank)


    Ah, Wakashi, nice shots which also reminded me of my earlier days as a young airport engineer when we re-built Nadzab from an old WW2 Japanese and then American airstrip. It was in the mid-1970s and it was Australia’s gift to the then newly independant PNG. Thanksfor the trip down memory lane. Cheers.
  2. With so many beautiful orbx-related screen shots I cannot keep up with commenting on all of them, but I do like to look at all of them, just as I do on the XP Forum as well. So I have decided to follow the procedure used on the XP Forum and just click the Like button, and only comment if there is something extra special to comment on. I hope I don't come across as being rude! Cheers.
  3. Piaggio P166 (twin engine pusher-type, 1957+) over current X6FE Fearn airfield, former WW2 RNAS Fearn (HMS Owl) near Tain, Scotland. The old Control Tower (under the aircraft nose wheel) was saved by the current private owners and beautifully and sympathetically renovated and converted into their home (bottom 2 levels) and a lovely B&B (on the top levels).
  4. flsm (Frank)

    Plockton to Inverness.

    Everything lovely - aircraft, sky, water, hills etc. Cheers.
  5. flsm (Frank)

    Just coasting along.

    Nice. Heading North along that great coastal route. Must do that one day. Cheers.
  6. flsm (Frank)

    Got a ride with RFDS

    What some people do to get a free ride! Cheers.
  7. flsm (Frank)

    Getting hammered!

    Ah, my home airfield. Know that store well. Bunnings must be laughing all the way to the bank since their competitor Masters went under! Lovely aircraft. Cheers.
  8. flsm (Frank)

    Got a ride with RFDS

    The RFDS is such a great service. Hope you are OK. Cheers.
  9. flsm (Frank)

    Airbus near me in Douglasville

    Lovely sky, Jack. Are all the houses really that white? Cheers.
  10. Look at that windsock (top RHS)! Going to be an interesting landing! Crabbing, from the outside. Crabbing, from the inside Here are the 3 common options for landing in a strong XWind. Which do you prefer? 1. Wings level and crab all the way down and hit the rudder to straighten at the last minute; or 2. Upwind wing low all the way down and land with downwind wheel off the ground; or 3. Start with 1 and then on late final swap to 2. Interested to hear from you. Cheers.
  11. flsm (Frank)

    Nearly all white.

    Very nice indeed. Cheers.
  12. flsm (Frank)

    Around P3D 4.4 TEGB London

    Hey Jack, looks just as real as the last time I was there. Cheers.
  13. flsm (Frank)

    The fourth largest.

    Very nice. Ominus looking weather - time to head home, I think! Cheers.
  14. flsm (Frank)

    Friedan to Boise

    I was an airport ground facilities engineer, mainly airport lighting and power supplies. I bet we both loved working around airports and look back with fond, very fond, memories! Cheers.
  15. flsm (Frank)

    Friedan to Boise

    Hey, Jack, think I spotted you under a tree! Nice series of shots. Interesting landscape. What work did you do there? Cheers.