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  1. I have tried the new Orbx Central which made a rather large mess of my sim (P3dv4.5), after a long and tedious time with out a remedy I reverted back to FTX Central it sort of got itself back together as it was (beautiful), am I scared and reluctant to upgrade again to Orbx Central, yes I am, I still have an issue with OpenLC Europe with day time textures at night and night time textures in day, this only happens in OpenLC Europe, this issue has only raised its head since the install of Orbx Central with it all going haywire, so with me running FTX Central still is it possible to uninstall OLC Europe and reinstall it without Orbx Central? or is there a remedy to fix the problem other than a reinstall? It's obvious I'm gonna have to update to Orbx Central at some point but from I read there are still issue's. Rod.
  2. Hi Ijaz sorry for the late reply, change in the AdelaideX/scenery folder, cvxYPAD_FLAT.BGL to cvxYPAD_FLAT.BGL.OFF, that fixed it for me, good luck. Cheers Rod
  3. After installing Aus V2 and Buildings HD I've got this land problem in the Gulf of St Vincent Adelaide South Australia, can anybody help me resolve the problem, everything has been installed as requested but could there an issue with Aus v1? as far as I know it has all been uninstalled prior to Aus V2 installation, I'm not sure what to do. Regards Rod
  4. I haven't installed Aus V2 yet, as I read these postings it seems there are a few issues people are having, I would just like to know if I should wait a bit as I think Holger has come up with a fix but not released yet or would I be good to go, been looking forward to this release but there seems to be a few teething problems. Regards Rod.
  5. Hi Holgar, Thank you very much for the info and explanation. Regards Rod.
  6. Hi, could somebody tell me what these strange brown lines are in Australia, P3DV4.3, Orbx Global, Aus Region, Vector and OpenLC.
  7. No Deanne I'm using P3DV4.3. Rod.
  8. Hi guy's, does anyone else have YBGC lighting like this? not looking real nice, or is it just mine? Cheers Rod.
  9. Thanks Doug, I'll consider the options and have a play with it before I purchase to many more scennies for AF2. Regards Rod.
  10. Hi, I've purchased AF2 and AF2 Innsbruck and at some point I'm going to have to move AF2 to a larger drive using steammover, so when doing this will FTXC still recognize AF2 so Orbx Innsbruck is linked to it? or is there a proceedure I should follow? hope this makes sense. Regards Rod Lewis
  11. Sorry for the late thankyou for the responses to everyone's sim choice experience, I'm certainly leaning towards AF2 but can't rule out XP either so I guess I'll just do both and see how things pan out with P3d being my main sim, thankyou to all. Cheers Rod Lewis
  12. Hi guy's I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask here but, I would like to purchase an alternate sim going forward, I am using P3DV4 and are quite happy with this, but, things look like there moving as with Orbx scenery (which I love) are branching out to other platforms, so, I'm at a crossroad whether to purchase AF2 or Xplane11, I can't decide, if there is anyone that has used both could I get some feed back on your experiences, thanks. Regards Rod.
  13. Gerold, these runway lights at YMML do indeed look, well, terrible, I've been trying to find a fix for these ever since YMML V3 was released, but it seems to be YMML related by various post's about there odd look, I too wish there was a hotfix released for them to at least get the lights to look somewhat realistic, up to now there doesn't seem to be a fix avaliable. Regards Rod Lewis.
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