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  1. Exactly, I could understand it if they were purchased yesterday, i'd be a bit miffed as well, but come on.
  2. You decided to buy them almost two months ago and I presume you though that they were worth the cost then so why do you now think that you are owed more just because there is now a special offer on?
  3. This is in the Flight Sim Expo schedule at 13:25 on the 8th... Developer/Exhibitor Seminar: Parallel 42 The FlightSimExpo Saturday Developer Seminar series offers simulation developers and tradeshow exhibitors a 30-minute window to discuss their products and showcase new developments.
  4. I can confirm your findings, dropping the Texture Quality down a notch gave me the darker roads, increasing it back up to Maximum returned them to the lighter colour.
  5. A few random shots from today's photo album..
  6. Sorry to create a duplicate post but I couldn't edit the previous one.. Terrian errors on Ben Nevis as below.. Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  7. Not yet, was wanting to confirm it was an actual bug and not an issue on my side. Will update the topic shortly as a Bug Report.
  8. Just wondering if everyone else is having this terrain oddity on Ben Nevis or if it's just me?
  9. Why re-invent the wheel when Xorganiser does the job perfectly? Why should OrbX, or any other developer, be responsible for the organisation of other developers creations within the .ini file?
  10. Beautifully done Are there any plans to improve the cliff features around the Purbecks / Dorset coast? Would be nice to see Old Harry Rocks. There are a few floating buildings near Bournemouth Pier, eg. the Bournemouth International Center.
  11. Very nice screenshots, looks fantastic!
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