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  1. A few random shots from today's photo album..
  2. Why re-invent the wheel when Xorganiser does the job perfectly? Why should OrbX, or any other developer, be responsible for the organisation of other developers creations within the .ini file?
  3. Beautifully done Are there any plans to improve the cliff features around the Purbecks / Dorset coast? Would be nice to see Old Harry Rocks. There are a few floating buildings near Bournemouth Pier, eg. the Bournemouth International Center.
  4. Very nice screenshots, looks fantastic!
  5. A few random shots over True Earth GB South...
  6. You can enable notifications here --> https://www.twitch.tv/settings/notifications Unfortunately I'm not aware of any specifics on their upcoming streams, hopefully it will be product previews, flights etc.
  7. No worries, It's because their channel is so new. Once they start streaming, and hopefully uploading those streams so that they can be watched at a later date, it will improve. Check out these flight sim streamers (they might not be live streaming now, but have a lot of saved content) https://www.twitch.tv/jonfly https://www.twitch.tv/chewwy94 One of the downsides, as someone mentioned above, is that the streams are usually several hours long!
  8. Twitch, especially the simming channels encourages communication. These aren't just live streamed videos, you actually have the host chatting with the audience and discussing whatever sim they are playing, the audience are asking questions and actively getting involved, It's very much a two way street. It's a great place to discuss this hobby with like minded people. Just my two pence worth Rob
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