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  1. MikeFlight

    Give me your opinion

    In any case, the first picture.
  2. I have a 1080TI, but have the TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 10 removed, since the loading times of about 5 minutes were too long. The value 9 corresponds to the activated High Resolution Textures in the P3D, as Holger has already stated above. Personally, I don't see any difference.
  3. MikeFlight

    Over the mountains at Santa Barbara

    Thank you, Iain.
  4. MikeFlight

    Over the mountains at Santa Barbara

    Hello and thank you for your nice comments.
  5. MikeFlight

    Wonderful California - KSBA

    Thank you, guys.
  6. MikeFlight

    Why you need the new ESNQ --Really!

    I have done the same and after studying the beautiful screenshots first flown to the default scenes. Then I decided to buy this ORBX scenery with the 3 airports. Really recommended. Especially Kiruna can be reached after a relatively short flight from Narvik or Hammerfest.
  7. MikeFlight

    Arround San Diego

    Thank you, Roger. I have now also the version 2 installed. But I couldn't try it until now. This will not happen until the next week.
  8. MikeFlight

    Arround San Diego

    Thank you very much, guys. I'm looking forward to version 2 of San Diego.
  9. MikeFlight

    Arround San Diego

    with the wonderful and exciting Classic D18S
  10. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/146877-using-a-symbolic-link-to-move-the-orbx-folder/
  11. MikeFlight

    Over NZ South Island

    Thank you very much, I'm glad that you like it.
  12. MikeFlight

    Over NZ South Island

    View from Cockpit Dash 8
  13. MikeFlight

    Lake Owens

    Thank you very much, Iain.