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  1. Naturally I mean the beautyful Isle of Skye in Scotland
  2. Thank you, Gentlemen But I flew over the cables with my Turbo Arrow III
  3. Thanks Jack. At the moment I only have space for one on my system. I don't want to upgrade anymore, I prefer to wait until I buy a new computer. Until then, only the XP remains installed. The performance on my computer is definitely better than the P3D. Thanks, John. I'll try.
  4. After a crash of my O/S Win10 I've changed from P3D to XP11 and gradually work my way into the new simulator. Many things are unfamiliar, but much easier. The P3D with all add-ons I have once put on hold. First, I had all three parts of TE GB installed.
  5. Thank you, John, und Dankeschön nach Münster.
  6. Many thanks to all.
  7. That's right and I accept that too. But it might be helpful, if here in the forum once a clearer marking or a better separation takes place, so that one can already distinguish at first glance between P3D and XP11. So I can save myself as a P3D user reading some posts.
  8. I wanted to ask the same. I dare but no longer in the face of the perceived superiority of the XP11.
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