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  1. Okay, thank you Tony. But don't forget the Ben Nevis. Now this is really an area where people like to fly around.
  2. Meanwhile there was an update for TE GB North today, but the unsightly mesh bug on Ben Nevis is still not fixed. This has been complained about for already one year. Will it be fixed at all and when?
  3. Jack, it is advisable to have a copy of the XP11 on another drive. However, I noticed that there can be some oddities, like having to enter the serial number of a plane every now and then. Also Orbx Central had changed or shortened some entries in the scenery_packs.ini. Did you also install a copy of XP11? After I simply deleted my copy of XP11, these strange things are gone now. Just a tip.
  4. Eberhard, these are pics from XPlane11. The Marchetti ist an Add-on from JRollon for XP11. Available from xplane.org software-store.
  5. Many thanks to all. Thank you, Eberhard. It's the SIAI Marchetti SF-260, an italian airplane. Aka the Ferrari of airplanes.
  6. There are two buildings in the extension of Rwy 27 in KSAN, with one half of the roof standing vertically upwards.
  7. What is happened to KNID China Lake NAWS? Earthquake?
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