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  1. Hey All! I have the list of all the airports included in the freeware airports pack, but I was wondering if anyone has lists of the airports that are included in the So. Cal and Nor. Cal global ranges. Thanks!
  2. After i finish my current flight I will thanks!
  3. Also getting some weird black terrain as well. Screenshot
  4. Having some odd ground issues. The grass looks pretty grainy and the taxiways go through the grass. Any ideas? Thanks! Screenshot
  5. Thanks but that doesn't fix the jetway issue. For now I have just put in GSX jetways, but would like to have the actual ones there. Thanks!
  6. For now I just made custom ones in the GSX app...
  7. Doug Well that helped alot, but I am still having issues. No jetways anymore (they were there before even thought it was more messed up) and this weird sand? patch over by the deicing pad. Dont mind the fighter jet, it was just the easiest thing to load...
  8. I have this odd issue with the terminal at CYQM. I know it is part of the Base Pack from Orbx, and it looks great, other than this weird issue with the terminal/ramp area. Any ideas how to fix this!? Thanks!
  9. It seems like some of my lights are 3D and and others are the normal 2D light. Is this normal with Orbx Lights installed? I have seen screenshots of other folks using Orbx Lights and it seems like their lights look much better and more 3D than mine. http://prntscr.com/mpjhh2 Thanks so much!
  10. Just loaded up at the terminal and noticed the gates are all whacky. How should I go about fixing this? Screenshot Thanks!
  11. I knew that but I A. dont have Google Earth B. Wanted it in a list Thanks!
  12. Does anyone have a full list of the upgraded airports that come in these three packages? Much appreciated!
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