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  1. I knew that but I A. dont have Google Earth B. Wanted it in a list Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have a full list of the upgraded airports that come in these three packages? Much appreciated!
  3. The Airport Fire Department was out practicing today at Palm Springs!
  4. How do you get your ground texture to look so smooth like that?!
  5. Well, you don't spell EriC right, but thats okay Amazing shots!
  6. So BDL (Bradley Intl in Windsor Locks CT) is my home (airline served) airport. I have been trying to find decent (hopefully good) scenery for BDL with no luck. So, with that... Has there been any talk about creating at KBDL scenery from ORBX? I would be the first person to purchase, no questions asked! Thanks!
  7. Yea very cool to see the actual airplane I flew. Plus alot of the ramp rats are depicted perfectly. They always park the fuel trucks by the fuel farm, which is also depicted in the scenery. And, on another note, Im not sure how they know this, but there is a Piper Cub outside of the main hangar at the end of the T's by the FBO, and thats exactly whats in that hangar! Crazy!
  8. Just loaded up at KRUT (Rutland VT) which is included in the freeware pack. It is AWESOME! The flight school Piper Aztec i used to fly there is actually on the ramp! Same color scheme and everything! I can see the hangar that I used to keep my Arrow in, and the Shop where I used to get my annuals done! Super impressed!
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