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  1. I always do, but I have fixed it (sorta). I deleted the addons.cfg and rebuilt and now it doesnt pop up.. but now SODE doesn't show up in my addons and I have no jetways.. but thats outside your area thanks anyways!
  2. Every time I open P3D it asks me the following. I got quite a lot of Orbx products but it only asks for those two, but its every single time. any reason why?
  3. Hello! Ever since I uninstalled VFX central, and installed all my immersion packs via Orbx Central, they are not working. Every single time I start up P3D, i get a warning saying that VFX Central doesn't work, and asking if it should restart. WHen I press yes, nothing happens, P3D opens and no issues there, but I have no immersion packs or anything. I have tried to reinstall.. any clue?
  4. I've had this issue with other airports such as ESSA and such, but have been able to fix them by moving a bit around in the scenery library, but with YBBN, It's just not working. my airport looks like this?
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