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  1. lauriebe

    EGTH Old Warden XP11 from me.

    Very nice Iain. Have it in FSX now waiting for this version.
  2. lauriebe

    could not help my self

    Lovely shots EMM.
  3. lauriebe

    Old Warden and the Avro Tutor.

    Thanks Wain. Oldie but goodie. Thanks John.
  4. lauriebe

    My first TE GB North flight.

    Thanks. Can remember them coming into service. Time flies.
  5. lauriebe

    Barra to Benbecula.

    Thanks Wain. Yes, a short but enjoyable flight.
  6. lauriebe


    Are you having a grey, cloudy day Martyn?
  7. Nice one R. As the old car window sticker used to proclaim: 'I'd rather be flying'.
  8. lauriebe

    Can you see him?

    Took a while but I think I found him. Nice one Martyn.
  9. lauriebe

    Night shots

    Very nice Magic.
  10. Been into FSX this afternoon to check out the Orbx scenery for Old Warden that I have just downloaded. Impressive. Looking forward to the XP11 release of this one now.
  11. lauriebe

    Just a few

    Very nice set.
  12. lauriebe


    Excellent set again Stewart. Detailing is fantastic.
  13. That's great. Excellent alternative view of a landing.
  14. lauriebe

    You paya your money and...........

    Wow!! Look at those clouds. Excellent captures Martyn.
  15. lauriebe

    Majestically, Nelson to Dunedin.

    New Zealand offers up some of the best scenery around. Great set.