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  1. lauriebe

    Sunset to Meigs

    As an addition to my previous post; liked these so much I had to go and buy the scenery!!!
  2. lauriebe

    FSX Fleet Air Arm Shots.

    Thank you kind sir! Have been using FSX for some 12 years now. Orbx has made a world of difference to the scenery. My system is 64 bit so that helps a little.
  3. lauriebe

    4.4 full report

    Great set Jack. One of my fave paint schemes as well.
  4. Thought I would keep Rodger P company in FSX this afternoon. Scenery is Orbx EU England. I have quite a few FAA aircraft in my FSX hangar. These are few shots of them. DH Tiger Moth. This aircraft was from the Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth Air Experience Flight based at my local airport; Plymouth/Roborough. Many's the time, as a young whippersnapper, I helped push them back into the hangar in the evenings. 2018-12-15_13-6-24-919 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr One of the nicest looking aircraft the FAA operated was the DH Hornet. This is the F Mk 20, single seat version. 2018-12-15_13-10-4-674 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 2018-12-15_13-10-41-176 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr There was also the two-seat F21 version used as a night fighter. 2018-12-15_13-14-6-654 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr Fairey Gannet AEW Mk 3. Airborne early warning aircraft. Odd looking but functional. 2018-12-15_13-15-8-58 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 2018-12-15_13-15-59-731 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr Fairey Gannet COD Mk 4. This type was converted from the anti-submarine version of the Gannet and used to deliver mail etc, to the RN's carriers. 2018-12-15_13-17-39-149 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 2018-12-15_13-17-48-415 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr Sea Harrier. Retired prematurely IMHO. 2018-12-15_13-21-55-229 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 2018-12-15_13-24-6-860 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr Hawker Sea Hawk FGA Mk 6. Very smokey startups were the order of the day with this aeroplane! 2018-12-15_13-27-58-967 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr Hawker Hunter T Mk 8. One of a few aircraft modified to carry the Sea Harrier's 'Blue Fox' radar. Used to instruct trainee Sea Harrier pilots in the use of that radar. 2018-12-15_13-31-36-830 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 2018-12-15_13-33-58-452 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr Click for larger images.
  5. lauriebe

    Sunset to Meigs

    Very nice set Tim. Quite a while since I last visited the windy city.
  6. lauriebe

    Goose Bay geese

    Very nice and a great paint scheme.
  7. lauriebe

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    Great set. Amazing clarity.
  8. lauriebe

    Going to Exeter.

    Very nice Martyn. I have the C47 but not tried it yet.
  9. Great set John. Wonderful countryside.
  10. lauriebe

    Thanks to JV -- kind of

    Rodger, I'm liking it more now that Orbx have become involved. I am still using FSX, mainly because I have lots more military stuff available there. Will post a few shots soon.
  11. lauriebe

    S-3B Viking Montana Debut

    Welcome Kaijaxen. Very nice shots. More would be welcome.
  12. lauriebe

    Thanks to JV -- kind of

    Great set Rodger! I have been into FSX for quite a while too and have recently added a few Orbx products to it. However, more recently, have been concentrating on XP.
  13. lauriebe

    The Spitfire 6-5 Special

    The 6 - 5 Special. That brings back a few memories. Very nice shots Adam.
  14. lauriebe

    Fleet Air Arm Set 1

    Wow. Excellent set Mike. I hoping that the SHAR and Bucc will appear in XP soon..
  15. lauriebe

    One fine day somewhere over Australia

    Vertical climbs, inverted and 500,000ft!? Nice set Jack. A little silliness works wonders at times.