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  1. Woah those screens look amazing. Worth waiting for and fantastic product support so thanks for putting up with my mithering.
  2. The bad "morphing" issue only started after WU3 and is a bug, we shouldn't have to pay to have bugs fixed and as far as I understand it this is the same res mesh as the base game so while the improvements are welcome I think this is down to Asobo to sort out, at least the morphing issue. When the 1m mesh is introduced that will be a product worthy of a purchase on its own merit.
  3. I would like for the roadmap to have also included planned updates to sceneries and a little more info on the N England pack - is it mesh, scenery, cityscapes, a conversion of the Xplane scenery pack?
  4. Great insight, thank you very much. And of course it is very sensible to wait for the UK world update before considering any further development of the London scenery. Hopefully there is a solution in the pipeline from either Asobo or yourselves, not just for London but for future sceneries as many major cities are built around rivers.
  5. No, I think it is the one thing that could still be improved. I love many things about the last patch but the Thames doesn't look like water anymore and all the 2D boats are an eyesore. This is an issue with MFS as well though TBF and I wish the AI would detect them as it does clouds and shadows and paint them out and maybe replace with 3D boats where appropriate. If I were a dev I would paint the 2D boats out of a scenery package Ortho and then use it as a water mask with MFS water on the top.
  6. The update to London landmarks pack is wonderful, especially the night lighting and new buildings added and at last the Thames has been tamed. I know you must have already been working on this before I posted my criticism but, Thank you Orbx, faith restored.
  7. You still haven't properly patched London City scenery. We still don't have an official water fix patch, traffic drives under bridges and key buildings are still missing. I say the following as matter of fact for you to take onboard or ignore, you have your priorities I have mine. If you are happy for your first MFS scenery as it is then fine but I personally won't be buying any of your products until you show you will continue support beyond a hotfix.
  8. No I guess not and we have a choice as consumers. I think they are doing a great job overall.
  9. I wouldn't expect perfect representations at all, that would be silly. What I am saying is that where landmarks are being modelled then they should represent a present version of that area. It is constructive criticism and I'm looking forward to the final product for Xplane.
  10. Why would I do that? I didn't say anything about the Euromast or logos I provided a link with an almost perfect representation of the same angle of the screenshot to show how a simple check of google Earth shows the skyline of the landmark buildings modelled in that shot were outdated. Perhaps you would like to check you are making relevant points?
  11. You would expect an up to date representation of the city buildings frankly. I can't see any reasons the devs cannot simply check Google Earth to ensure they are up to date with landmark buildings. https://earth.app.goo.gl/wXQc2
  12. Really nice but there is a little issue with the football stadium markings, they are out of proportion and too clean/sharp looking. The 6 yard box seems to be a 12 yard box for example. Compare the 9th image in Op's post to the one below of real football pitch.
  13. Already looks great in alpha and can't wait for the extra features to be added. Obviously the full release will be a very worthy product but do you intend to update the package with added content, such as extra landmarks or major buildings for example, after release or will the release version be the final product other than any bug fix patches? Also will you allow early access at Beta stage? Couple of observations on the video. Sometimes trees and buildings are sitting in roads. I know Xplane11 autogen has this issue here and there too, will it be possi
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