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  1. EGPH was released before HF2 which has caused issues for a number of developers. I have no doubt Orbx will sort this out in due course as they always do.
  2. Just reduced texture resolution from 2048 to 1024 and vram use at EGNM reduced by about 1gb so that should now be very useable. Shame that I've needed to reduce that but that's the impact of HF2 I suppose.
  3. So, I tried removing the static landside cars but that didn't help. I also reinstalled my GPU Driver, uninstalled P3D completely and reinstalled using the process outlined on this forum, reduced some settings down but still get the crashes at EGNM. I've also noted a large increase in vram at EGPH and also whilst flying over EGPN at 16,000ft. VRAM increased to 6+ although I managed to get past EGPN and land at EGPH without a CTD. It seems that HF2 has been the cause of this as I had no issues with P3D under HF1 at all. I just wish I could revert to that version but I didn't keep the install files.
  4. Thanks @mburkhard I'll give that a try. I have been pondering whether there's an issue with my p3d installation as I'm generally using 4.0 - 4.2 vram whilst flying around the UK with GBTE installed whereas I'm sure I was using about 3.0 before HF2. Is that level of vram normal do you know? If not I might try a complete uninstall and reinstall of p3d.
  5. Hi I've come across this issue too. I haven't flown into EGNM for a while but just before the H2 release a couple of days ago, I got a DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG message and CTD. After installing H2, there is no change, same happens before I've even reached the glideslope. Screenshot showing the vram usage. Without EGNM installed, vram is about 2gb lower.
  6. Phew! That's a relief. I thought it was just me. Thanks @appie all seems good again now.
  7. OK. Thanks Nick. I initially read it that only the airports listed were being fixed. Now I've given my head a wobble I get it! I'll leave Mytraffic6 disabled anyway. Cheers Mike
  8. Hi Nick Thanks for your help with this. This is what I've found so far: I did as you suggested and the default airports all looked OK. When I activated MyTraffic6, I encountered the problem I reported earlier so I removed that addon and thought that would have solved the issue, which it seems to have done in most of the world. However, I then added the GB Terrain scenery and many of the problems returned. I've attached a image of Manchester EGCC with TEGB installed and you will see the issue with the terminal buildings. That problem goes away when I disable TEGB again. I verified the TEGB files before enabling them, in the Addon. The same is apparent at other airports I tested, such as EGFF and EGPF although some like EGSS for example seem to be OK. Mike
  9. I just have loads of Orbx products and FSTraffic 6 which I've had installed from Day 1 and seems to be OK and that's it really. I've been flying around the UK since I installed P3D and recently loaded all the Orbx scenery for USA and Aus. The only other thing I've been doing recently is trying out pf3 and Fscaptain. Both of those use makerunways but I think that just reads data from the sim and doesn't write anything. Mike
  10. Thanks Nick I'm not sure that either if those cover my issue really. I checked one of the main airports in Germany where I don't have any Orbx scenery (only Global) and I have the same issue there so I think I might have broken something with P3D somehow. I'm just not sure how to fix it without starting all over again.
  11. Hi Nick Sorry. Its P3dv5. I usually fly into small Orbx airports so not sure how long this issue has been there although Ive been trying out a couple of add ons lately Pf3 and Fscaptain although I can't see why anything related to those would have changed anything. Not sure what else could have caused this.
  12. Actually it seems worse than that, I've just checked a number of other airports and the same has happened to all of them! Looks like I might need to delete generated files and start again unless anyone has other suggestions?
  13. Hi all Just wondering if anyone might know why his has happened at EGJJ. I haven't put this in the Support section as I don't think it's an Orbx issue but I thought I'd ask here as people seem to know what's what on this forum. As you can see from the image below, the terminal building (and others) seem to be misplaced and I'm not sure what might have caused it as I haven't seen anyone else raise this issue anywhere. Any suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks Mike
  14. Hi I've just been trying out PF3 and experienced similar issues. I found a comment in their FAQs which suggested that it was possibly Windows thinking that the ATC voices are some sort of telephony. The suggested solution was to go to the Sounds setting, select the "Communications" tab and change "When Windows detects communications activity:" from "Reduce the volume ..." to "Do nothing". It took me a little while to find the "communications" tab in Windows 10 but I made the change and fixed the sound issue. Might be worth a try.
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