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  1. Shame not to see any small airfields /airports included in the list, those were my favourites in FSX and P3D. Presumably those are being left to freeware and other developers now in favour of regional airports. Oh well! As someone who likes pottering about in GA aircraft, there's not much in the way of airports there that grab me. The updates to North of England and Scotland might be worth looking at.
  2. Well it would be disappointing if no others were converted. The UK island airports (Alderney and Sumburgh) and many of the PNW airports were my favourites by miles. The focus seems to be partnerships and development of larger airports rather than the airfields and regional airports I loved in P3D. Hopefully someone else will pick up the baton with those then.
  3. I see his problem. I downloaded EGLC and it took a good couple of hours. Downloading KTIW now at 64kb/s and that's with 100mb line. No other issues with the broadband at this end. I guess it's just the amount of traffic because of the sale.
  4. Downloaded and installed without issue. Downloaded the Japan scenery too and all went well. Sensitivity is back which is good and so afr all good. The water effects with live weather are much improved from the previous version.
  5. Agreed. I've managed to change my settings to 'ultra' now and still no stutters. To be honest I am finding out just how beautiful our planet is with this sim. Just flew down the west coast of Greece on the initial stages of my round the world tour in the C171 and it is stunningly beautiful. Definitely somewhere to visit in real life when we're allowed out again.
  6. Make sure you've updated to Windows 10 2004 and are using the latest Nvidia drivers. Updating to Windows 10 2004 made all the difference to me. Multiple CTD prior to update, none since. It clearly manages vram better than the previous versions.
  7. That's interesting @Nick Cooper. I've had no end of trouble with Gpu issues since HF2 with 451.48 so I rolled back to 446.14 this evening but haven't had a chance to test it yet. Hoping it'll solve a few issues for me. Mike
  8. EGPH was released before HF2 which has caused issues for a number of developers. I have no doubt Orbx will sort this out in due course as they always do.
  9. Just reduced texture resolution from 2048 to 1024 and vram use at EGNM reduced by about 1gb so that should now be very useable. Shame that I've needed to reduce that but that's the impact of HF2 I suppose.
  10. So, I tried removing the static landside cars but that didn't help. I also reinstalled my GPU Driver, uninstalled P3D completely and reinstalled using the process outlined on this forum, reduced some settings down but still get the crashes at EGNM. I've also noted a large increase in vram at EGPH and also whilst flying over EGPN at 16,000ft. VRAM increased to 6+ although I managed to get past EGPN and land at EGPH without a CTD. It seems that HF2 has been the cause of this as I had no issues with P3D under HF1 at all. I just wish I could revert to that version but I didn't keep
  11. Thanks @mburkhard I'll give that a try. I have been pondering whether there's an issue with my p3d installation as I'm generally using 4.0 - 4.2 vram whilst flying around the UK with GBTE installed whereas I'm sure I was using about 3.0 before HF2. Is that level of vram normal do you know? If not I might try a complete uninstall and reinstall of p3d.
  12. Hi I've come across this issue too. I haven't flown into EGNM for a while but just before the H2 release a couple of days ago, I got a DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG message and CTD. After installing H2, there is no change, same happens before I've even reached the glideslope. Screenshot showing the vram usage. Without EGNM installed, vram is about 2gb lower.
  13. Phew! That's a relief. I thought it was just me. Thanks @appie all seems good again now.
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