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  1. OMG you are right John! Only works in the evening! Thx ! I did not notice this... Regards, Bouwe Case closed!
  2. I am missing the laserlights @ Marina Bay Sands hotel. I have only one addon in my community folder Orbx Singapore City Pack. Is the WU3 causing this? Is it me or is it general after the WU3? Can someone confirm this? Thanks, Kind regards Bouwe
  3. Just checked the log file. The previous errors i got are now gone! Finally a goed ini file. And yes in the past i used Xorganizer but this programme ruined my ini file creating a log file full of errors....pfff. Thanks again Jon for your support!!!
  4. Thanks Jon! I have corrected my ini file. I let you know if i get a "error free "log file. Kind regards, Bouwe
  5. I searched here on the Orbx forums and missing object from package is normal. Also i get a warning for missing scenery file ( now region TNCM) so i am going to ignore them as well. Everything looks normal. My case is closed! regards.
  6. Forget my first post...I am still missing something: 0:00:40.904 I/SCN: DSF load time: 10072 for file Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_EU_Spain_Canaries_TE_Custom/Earth nav data/+20-020/+27-019.dsf (0 tris, 0 skipped for 0.0 m^2) 0:00:40.904 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +29-017 0:00:40.904 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +29-019 0:00:40.904 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +29-018 0:00:40.904 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +29-016 0:00:40.904 W/SCN: Missing object lib_s/trains/F_18.31.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_EU_Spain_Canaries_TE_
  7. Hello there, I just installed TE Canary Islands, but something is not right. It seems that i miss some files. Can you have a look @ my log file and ini file? Thanks!! Kind regards, Bouwe Log.txt scenery_packs.txt
  8. Hi Frank, Bing data was switched off. Turned it on and this is the result: Solved!! Thanks again for your fast reaction!! Kind regards, Bouwe
  9. Installed Cityscape Sydney and now i have floating buildings. I verified the files in Obx central. Installed succesfull. Anyone else seeing this? And how to resolve?
  10. Thanks Nick!!! Saves a lot of work! Regards, Bouwe
  11. I want to to update my windows 7 64bit to Windows 10 64bit home edition. I have x-plane installed on a seperate ssd m2 drive (1TB) I also have Orbx products installed. Do i have to uninstall all the packages through Orbx central 4.0.16 before i start upgrading my OS? Or can i just leave all the packages installed in Orbx Central for x-plane11? Note: i want to do a clean install for windows 10. So windows 7 and all my programs (OC) installed on drive c will be gone. Kind regards, Bouwe
  12. To all: If you have Acronis True Image 2019 installed you MUST disable Acronis active protection. This will do the trick! If you don't have Acronis True Image 2019 installed, well i really don't know......but if you have try this. I have windows 7 64bit running and after i disabled Acronis Active Protection, the hang up @ 6% has gone! After 10 seconds it starts loading again. No more delays at 6%. FYI: only Kord and Orlando disabled in scenery config file. Thanks to Kai, he has figured this out.!!
  13. I also have massive loading times. In fact my system hangs at 6%. Question: how do i disable orbx libraries? Kind regards, Bouwe
  14. Hi Doug, I had bridges activated in the vector tool and it was still not correct. Just the same as in the picture so i thought i disabled them and see what the result is. No change. The picture is close to EHEH but it is everywhere not only at EHEH. As you noticed i installed a piece of NL2000 scenery only for some dutch airports. Here is also my scenerycfg scenery.cfg
  15. Hello there, I have installed P3D v4.4 fresh install. Then installed all my orbx products including True earth netherland hd. When i start up P3D i get weird "negative bridges" on roads. See pictures. I uninstalled FTX global vector but that doesn't help. I use addon organizer. Maybe it is something in FTX central something with Library insertion point. What should i select at FTX entries and what with openLC? (pulldown menu) Any suggestions? Kind regards, Bouwe vd Braak
  16. Hello, I just installed P3DV4.4 Now i want to install my Orbx product. I get an error message and my screen stays on installing. Hanging up or something. I am now trying to manual download all the products see what that does. Can someone explain how to resolve this error message? Kind regards, Bouwe van den Braak Tiel
  17. Exactly Lenores!! That's what i did. Works perfectly. You have more controll what you are spending. I bought a prepaid cc just for Orbx! Greetz, Bouwe
  18. That's way i took a pre paid credit card (mastercard) just for buying sceneries etcetera from orbx and other flightsim sites that has only cc payment. In fact, a pre paid cc and pay pal account will do the trick to get everything from the internet.
  19. I hope that the server won,t crash as soon as FTX Netherlands is released. So many flightsimmers are buying this new product...
  20. Looking forward to see the new screenshots!! I will definitely buy FTX Netherlands when it's available! Kind regards, Bouwe
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