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  1. Good evening I have followed all of the above as written line by line, and nothing has changed. I run Win 7 with FSX-SE platform. I am not sure where else could I have gone wrong! This only happened by updating the nVidia GTX G/card drivers, and then just "rolled" the drivers back. Maybe looking at un-install then re-install all of the Orbx owned files again. Don't know! Should have never updated the drivers as everything was working perfect. Have a great evening. Regards Ric
  2. Good Evening I updated my graphics drivers and was not happy with it very lagging. (nVidia GTX-750 Ti) I then "rolled" the drivers back and then started FSX-SE and noticed patches of water everywhere. I then went to Orbx Central and "verified" the BASE PACK & openLC Africa. The above screen shot is what I have now. Any help would be appreciated please? I run Win 7 64 B Home Edition' Regards Richard S
  3. Hello Nick Thank you very much, I have saved a copy of the last guideline regarding the re-installing Enjoy your summer as we are in the midst of winter and without any rain & tight water restrictions 50 Ltrs per person P/day Regards Richard / Superlink
  4. Hello Nick "Once the FTX icon is placed, FTX Central controls the placing of the individual FTX product scenery library entries and no further user input is required after adding more products." Thank you very much that answers 99.95% of my questions and it is now very clear regarding the settings in Central. My last question! Does one need to un-install any ORBX files before you need to re-install your flight-sim program? Thank you and I am enjoying flying in and around Southern Africa that I have not even been able to go to Alaska to check
  5. Hello Nick Thank you for the prompt reply, and that is the same screen that I used to install the Global-section. I now still need to add the "Lbrary" and night textures and the USA - NW and South Alaska. With the Global being directed and installed just below the "Addon-folder" as per the above screen shot. My actual question is after adding the Global where do I point it, again below the "Addon-folder" will the scenery be above the Global or does the Global and other scenery-files prioritize itself? Thanking you and have a nice day! Regards
  6. Good Day I am the first to plead guilty when it comes to RTM reading the manual. I only read it when i have a problem with the installation or cannot get an option to work or tweak in a specific program. Once you get your "problem" sorted I then do not read further to obtain ALL the information regarding the capabilities of that specific program. My question now!: Must I uninstall ALL ORBX scenery prior to re-installing my FSX? I unfortunately did that and got my FSX installed, and running again! I have also re-installed my ORBX G
  7. Gentleman Herewith the update! The ORBX scenery is working a 150% thanks to Nick's help and direction as what needs to be done! Have a great evening! Regards Richard E S superlink
  8. Good Evening Gentleman Shoeoeoe in less than 10 min I get a popup on my screen with a reply! You guys are awesome! I have followed Nick's instructions to the TEEE! Will start FSX-SE and check the correction via a flight in Southern Africa! Have a great evening and that man Nick give him a Bell's NO maybe 7 x cases with ICE Regards Richard E
  9. Good Evening I attach a screen shot after running Scenery Config Editor. I have recently noticed that in some areas I see RED & Green squares with writing in it saying something about "Spring" & "Winter" I do not use the Scenery Config Editor as such and just happen to run it to X-check the priorities in the scenery.cfg-file. I do not know what these files are that says "Path is non-unique" and any help/suggestions would be appreciated please? Thank you and have a great day! Regards Richard S super
  10. Good Afternoon, I do humbly apologize for not replying earlier with regarding to the problems I experienced as to how to install the ORBX scenery! The main reason being that after I got the ORBX-scenery working and saw how awesome it is, I came to the conclusion that I do not have enough hours in the day to explore ALL the scenery areas! So to each and everyone that took the time to help me getting it right and able to fly and enjoy the GREAT scenery and even the southern parts of Africa is a 1000 times better than the default scenery, THANK YOU very much!
  11. Hello Doug Thank you very much will check it out. So I do not have to uninstall and reinstall any of the ORBX scenery? Hopefully the new adventure is starting which will include the land textures of Southern Africa! I also have the Iceland & Tasmania demo's installed. Thank you for ALL your time and patience in helping me with the scenery. Have a great week ahead! Regards Richard Schmidt
  12. Hello Doug Sorry the shop must have hidden some files and I went and activated the view of ALL files! I attach the xxxxx.cfg file as requested Richard Scenery.CFG
  13. Hello Doug Here is the screen shot as requested! Richard
  14. Hello Doug I am about 90% better thank you. I did follow the steps with FTXC3 and then FSX. I attach the the scenery.cfg file. Richard scenery.cfg
  15. Good Evening Sorry for the late reply as i have been man down with a stomach BUGGG the last 2 x days. I hereby attach the scenery file as requested. Regards Richard scenery.cfg
  16. Good Morning Hello Nick, the same happened even if I selected the FSX option. What I must admit is that after having that problem and because the ORBX-system could not find the scenery.cfg file I went and changed that folder from "FSX" to "FSX-SE" My main installation of FSX-SE is in the D drive: D\Steam\steam-app\common\FSX. (But that folder is only named FSX) Hello Doug, to answer your question, no nothing is changing but the following: I have 1 x hard drive that has a partition. Which is C & D drive. The C drive got to small and the o
  17. Hello Doug Oh shucks just remembered that my desktop is in at the computer shop to shift the "partition" on the hard drive, so will only be able to get the scenery.cfg tomorrow night! When I open FTX Central 3, I get both FSX and FSX-SE I then click the FSX-SE button. I recall now that when I got to down load the files for the first time, I never set any "paths" in the FTX Central 3 under the "settings" tab and then the 2 x drop down options where not pre-selected by me. Have a nice day! Regards Richard
  18. Hello Doug Thank you for the reply! I think that the biggest missing LINK is on my side , therefore must I still ADD the the ORBX scenery/files in the actual FSX program under settings where you either "ADD" "EDIT" "MOVE UP" or "MOVE DOWN"? As I have not seen any of the ORBX file names there, although I had a quick look around my airport in South Africa / FAPE and the general vegetation looked much better! Sorry the caps-on was not shouting but mere to show the tabs of changes within the FSX program. Have a nice day! Regar
  19. Hello Doug Thank you I have done that as per your previous email! Do I have to down load ALL the files from ORBX again? Richard
  20. Hello Doug I only have FS9 and FSX-SE on this desk top. I have been running Steam since November 2016, and the FSX Box Gold Edition I uninstalled before installing SE Regards Richard
  21. Good Evening I am definitely missing the plot regarding the install of ORBX scenery BIG TIME! Still not getting it right and every time I start my FS the addon scenery (11 x airports are missing and need to install them again) It is like ORBX is erasing this specific product Maybe I should just uninstall ALL the ORBX files and go back to before making this purchase which cost me 2 x arms and 3/4 leg lol It takes me back 18 years with MSTS lol and have never used it again since 2002. Have a great day tomorrow as we are havi
  22. Hello Doug Thank you for the welcome! The other payware scenery was visible in the FTXC3 drop down list but not in the game scenery library! I had to go and ADD & re-activate them in FSX itself. That was not a problem for me, just wanted to confirm if it was the correct way how it happens when installing any ORBX scenery! After reading your post I understand that all the settings that need to be done, is done via the FTX program and not directly within the FSX-game scenery library/settings/add & remove screen. I cannot wait to
  23. Good Day I am sorry if these are stupid questions, but I have been battling for about 8 days to get the scenery up & running! Once I have down loaded via the FTX Central, are there any settings that need to be changed in FSX itself? I have also noticed that ALL my other paid scenery from a specific country has been "deleted" IE in the FSX scenery layer/priority list it does not show anymore! I purchased the following packs: 1. FTX Global base Pack 2. NA Pacific Northwest 3. NA Southern Alaska What would my priority list look like in FSX
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