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  1. Thanks Nick, I will do as suggested. I missed Tig52's post and thought that as i had just brought the product it might be a bug just with my setup or that it was only occurring on the runway. But i've tried using other aircraft and tried to taxi from the gate and same thing happened as Tig has described in his post . Nice to know i'm not the only one with this problem!. Regards, Waqaas
  2. Hi Team, I've just purchased NZGS and flying around the area, it looks great! My problem starts when i try and land at the airfield; as soon i touch down - flare for landing, - the sim pauses and i get a Crash notification suggesting i have hit something but the runway is clear! :S I've tried to start a flight from NZGS but the problem occurs again when i start rolling down the runway. I have both NZ North and South Islands and have never had this problems on any of the other airports NZMF and NZQN which are also Orbx products. Regards, Waqaas
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