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  1. hi everybody, from my side, being an old customer of Orbx who owns ... almost everything and targeting to everything, i would like to ask the airport name to be corrected to the right one. being innocent, i think the "developer" who gave the airport to Orbx to deliver it for "free", had an old photo, was never there and had no relation to any international political games played. here, i think the majority, wants to play flight simulator games far from politics and as close as possible to the real life. and real life says the airport's name is skopje international airport. of co
  2. hi nick, thanks for your answer
  3. hi, do i need ftx wales for p3dv4 if i own truearth england south? what i mean is if any truearth product suppresses or includes everything the ftx has? or both of them combine for a better eye result? thanks
  4. thanks nick ! i will try using the profiles then to see how it will be
  5. hi, orbx propose, every time we install a new airport, to run aec auto configuration, 99% it works good. but i have some airports (like lppr of tropicalsim), that they need aec to be disable and when the configurator runs, it puts these airports at the enabled side. so i have manually to adjust them. can this be done permanently? because after sometime i have more than 10 airports to move to the disabled side manually so in the future maybe there would be ... 100 thank you
  6. thank you very much !! all problems solved , not only for orbx but also for other airports like lukk that i had the same problem thanks again !!
  7. hi nick and thanks for your answer (again) here is my scenery.cfg - i hope you will find something scenery.cfg
  8. i tried today to manually enable/disable aec for nzqn but when i searched for the aiport at the enable/disable lists, nothing was found. is it normal? thanks
  9. hi, i did it, with and without airport elevation correction. i include a photo so you can understand better what i mean. i forgot to mention that i used before freemeshx , i disabled it of course. the same problem. but in general, with orbx products, is it good to use freemeshx? or orbx uses its own mesh? because in the scenery library i found out some _mesh sceneries. thanks
  10. hi nick and thanks for your fast answer. i just arrived home and i did what you told me: i uninstalled orbx nzqn , so i suppose the default p3d v4 airport is loaded (together with nz orbx scenery, vector etc etc installed). but also at the default aiport, the elevation is wrong. pls dont tell me i have to uninstall all orbx products any ideas? thanks
  11. hi, i tried today the nzqn airport and i had an elevation problem: nzqn runway was lifted up, and the white lines of the runway were "flying". i have tried the usual tricks from ftx central, using automatic elevation correction, unified lookup and i have clicked " i have ftx australia". i own all regions from orbx plus many many orbx (and other) airports. with orbx airports i never had an elevation problem before. but exactly the same problem i face it with lukk drzewiecki airport and i never found a work around. so maybe if i solve the problem with nzqn i might also solve the elevation proble
  12. ok i will try it in the weekend when i will have time. and if i succeed i will leave the good news here
  13. interesting idea nick. but then i could use the radio to input the ils freq and the plane could follow it? even if i dont insert it in the flight plan?
  14. thanks alex and lawrence !! very useful informations. now we need a ... haker to implement these data to p3d/fsx and navdata sets
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