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  1. wonderful! I'm really happy about that, finally able to reactivate t2G Doha and flytampa Dubai (provided middle east is covered) Peter
  2. Holy.... Occurs this issue even though vector is active or only with standard sim? regards Peter
  3. They fixed it! thank you very much again. Kiruna approach now is a pleasure again. I flew the kaitum river a bit further westbound, and found another canyon, but not that big.
  4. Oh, that exceeds my abilities. Maybe another member can help. Regards Peter
  5. Hi Jeff, thank you for testing, I use FSX + Global Base + LC Europe + Vector. Unfortunately, I don't have FsGlobal 2010, but I tested it with FsGlobal 2018 and FreeMeshX, it didn't make any difference. Regards Peter
  6. Hi, Has anyone ever noticed this? The river Kaitumälven south of Kiruna, sinks for a few kilometers in a 'canyon'. To the west and to the east of it, it runs perfectly, and the lakes around also have the right elevation. I checked it with different meshes, they had no influence on it
  7. So far there seems to be no further problems caused by the deleted file. I have not seen any ugly terrain crossings yet. And yes, you are right Marcus, the Arlanda area is not very spectacular, such as Bergen or Innsbruck. I think in this case for me it is more important that Essa itself is working correctly, so no flat bridges, no edges or airport plateau, as the terrain 10 or 20 miles away. For those who want to test it themselves, the corresponding file in FsGlobal 2018 Europe is DX052010.bgl Regards Peter
  8. Hi Marcus, it reinforces my assumption, that FsGlobal is causing the 'flat mesh Problem'. I deleted the bgl file for the Arlanda region from Fsglobal folder, and did a flight from Gardermoen to Arlanda, and indeed the airport mesh worked perfectly, all bridges and spotter hill were shown correctly! I remembered a second possibility still. Could also be, that the departure airport has an influence on it. Because the last two times the flat mesh occured, i landed from Orbx Visby. But i'm not sure. Regards Peter
  9. Hi, thank you, yes I have installed Afm. And I already tried to install the tool for ESSA. The problem with flat ground after landing occurs nevertheless. And there is a second problem when using the afm tool for ESSA. It does not work correctly and causing an edge north and south of the airport, visible on final for 01R and 19L. Regards, Peter
  10. Thank you, I will delete the corresponding file for the Arlanda region from Fs Global, and then report. Peter
  11. Hi Marcus, thank you for the information. It's strange, I've never had this problem in Essa before. I know the problem well from Taxi2Gate LFPG, where everything is 'flat' every time after landing, but as I said, this is new to me in Essa. Is it possible that FsGlobal 2018 is causing this? Until recently, I only had FreeMesh in use. Regards Peter
  12. Hello everybody, I have recently in my FSX the strange behavior that whenever I land in Arlanda after a flight, for example, from Visby, the airport is like 'flat rolled'. Textures, objects etc are displayed correctly, it's just like the mesh is missing. For example, the taxiway bridges in the infield, which simply run over a flat surface, so there is no difference in height to the terrain around the bridges. Or, for example, the spotter hill, which is simply flat. If I start a flight from ESSA everything is fine, only after landing that occurs. Looking forward for help, regards Peter
  13. Oh man, one of the airports i was waiting and waiting for years for a good Version for FSX, and now a release is close, and no FSX, makes me really sad please, please do a light Version for FSX, without PBR of course. Reagards Peter
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