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  1. KLM climbing out of Schiphol British Airways descending into Stuttgart, near Karlsruhe Czech heading for Malpensa Best regards, Peter
  2. Hi, i noticed the Terneuzen-Gent channel is interrupted in the small town of Katte / Zelzate. @Sabretooth78 any chance to fix that? Regards, Peter
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  4. I think this grey areas show bigger railway areas. Frankfurt has a lot of them, so everything is shown correctly. regards, peter
  5. haha, thanks, I'll see what is possible
  6. my first community shot, please don't be too critical regards, Peter
  7. @Sabretooth78 Can you maybe also take a look here if you can do something there that will make the landmass disappear? Peter
  8. thank you so much! Without you, many a flight would only be half as much fun Peter
  9. Nick, thank you very much! @Sabretooth78 that would be great
  10. would be really grateful if someone could check it out just to confirm, whether it is a general error or a special issue in my vector. thanks a lot, Peter
  11. Hi, Vector causes this canyon at the southern part of the vulcanic island nisyros. anyone can confirm this? or maybe there is a way to fix it? No matter if FS Global is activated or deactivated. (FSX) best regards, Peter
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