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  1. Yep to all of those. I was told they would all be ported but I'm wondering if there is some type of timeframe so we can expect the products
  2. Any news on Telluride and Idaho Falls coming to v5? Is that even going to happen at all? Cheers A.D.
  3. Hello, I just wiped my pc and upgraded to p3dv5. I just finished installing all my Orbx goodies and noticed that Idaho Falls and MBS are not in my roster. Are they ever going to be made v5 compatible? Not a big deal but was just wondering. Cheers!
  4. YESS!!! THAT DID IT!!! Disabling ADE_FTX_CRM_KIDA_Idaho_Falls_Regl.BGL and ADE_FTX_CRM_KIDA_Idaho_Falls_Regl_CVX.bgl by adding off at the end finally solved it! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUU! Modern day hero
  5. Greg, to see those buildings you would need Chaseplane. Anyways gave an initial shot to disabling the file you mentioned but no joy. Also tried disabling everything just to try. I would like to mention that I have orbx CRM as well. Regards, Alessandro
  6. Hi Steward, thank you for joining in. Indeed the product page does not mention dynamic lighting but as you can see from the pic I’m attaching that DL is indeed a feature of the scenery. Hopefully someone will be able to help.
  7. Hello, I bought Nantucket not too long ago. Scenery is amazing, but I noticed when I land there there is no lighting. I did the following flights -KOXB to KACK - started in afternoon, landed at night, no lights -KACK to KBHB - started at night, lights were showing. Did a return flight (continued the same scenario) and no DL again when landing. Once landed I also tried to move the time forward, (forcing the sim to load textures) but nope, no lighting. I contacted iBlueYonder first on Facebook but they replied saying to come here. Thanks in advance and best regards. A.D
  8. @Greg Jones @Russell Linn are you guys ever going to see this?.... Starting to lose hope...
  9. @Greg Jones @Russell Linn help please...
  10. I bet you that's the reason why the performance is so poor. Displaying two sets of scenery would def increase CPU consumption
  11. I just don’t understand why the devs have not answered in months. I have PM’d Russel 3 times already and still no answer. Please help.
  12. Yes the airport was indeed fine, however after upgrading to P3D 4.4 the issue began, therefore the scenery ought to be looked at again. Please just provide some help... I've been trying to reach the developer since September and still no answer...
  13. Yeah, no I have the same issue and now I have a 9900K @ 5ghz. I get 50 fps at major airports and 60 fps at all other orbx products, including other turbulent designs developed products (like KGPI). It is not acceptable: it is extremely stuttery...
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