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  1. Looks great have 2 questions 1) will volanta be able to retrieve data from my past flights on vatsim. I’m asking because vatsim stores my previous flight plans so the you can find origin? Destination REG/AAAAA data into e remarks sections and a lot of more info, since I fly vatsim since 2002 or so would really love to see my historical logbook imported into volanta 2) is this in any way related to airpark?there is a particular feature I think it would be pretty cool to integrate which is the prefer custom scenery. I own a lot and would like to be sure that
  2. Hello Ed , thanks for your response do you know if we can expect any other scenaries to be updated to v5.1 in the future?, I own a few ones that are not compatible with v5.
  3. Hello, i'm sorry because i'm reactivating an older post, but seems the proper place to ask if this published list is totally up to date https://orbxdirect.com/prepar3d-v5 i'm still waiting for some scenery to show up for v5. the compatibility add on department is still holding me back to jump from v4.5 to 5.1
  4. Hello, is there any plan to move those sceneries to the v5 platform or the shall remain on v4 forever? some of those are holding me back to make the jump to v5, but really want to know if I have to hold my breath about them ar just accept that they are gone forever EGLC , for example, its a pretty new product so its a short lived airport, sad thing since Orbx quality is top notch on every product, so its a product that i don't really want to left behind in the jump to v5 regard
  5. Hi all, I really enjoy posting my GA flying diary here, always positive responses and lots of times something to learn, Orbx its a great community thanks for cheking this one and be sure to check the following 3 (yep, have flown a lot this wknd) and
  6. Short entry for a long series of fligths, it was mostly IFR and on IMC, with lot of work with the ATC (i'm totally in love with VATSIM) son not too much time to take screenshots this is KEKA-KRDD-S77-KPDX looks pretty much like a quite IFR day isn't? no pics on anything till i cleared the clouds headed to KRDD This particular one a tribute to the precision of the Orbx developers team, its no just entering the downwind leg for the visual approach to the rwy 16 , as ATC directed me, if you look carefully you can identify the RC airstrip, the S Market St and the airfield, just as depi
  7. it was free on the stay at home and dint loose the chance... there is one of these at my local airfield so I identified fair quick once I saw the advertising this are just a bunch of screenshots take around Murray, Keka and Fortuna Flying form the right hand side, bc why not.. Not Easy...
  8. Hello all there! been busy tweaking some thing, also flying and looking for help to solve some elevation issues (wich is already done) so i just had some GA flying to post here, last time I left the C182 parked at dusk in 2O1 Gansner field, its really a lovely place i think its somehow underestimated by the community.... but after leaving Gansner i decide to took a spitfire to just... hang around there she is it's hard to taxi, harder than i actually think airborne and doing a few low pasts going inverted, for sure Jack will love this one since i have a new pc this g
  9. yes I have it installed, it's my nav source for Vertx diamond how it's related?
  10. Hello have been experiencing some problems in both KTVL and KFOT none of this use to be there on previos installations actually i'm running p3d v4.5 hf3, with the latest version of FS Global (on previous installations i have had fsglobal installed and not a issue) I have installed Orbx GLOBA, Vector, OLC NA, NorCal and PNW, no other 3d party scenary in the area everything Windows, P3d, ORBXS products etc its updated to the latest version, I run my updaters weekly any ideas? (yes, i have tried running the Vector AEC 982469238 times and nothing) a little bit of more infor
  11. i think that by this time all of us here have tried to take the lady in red for a spin around the island, none of us has been successful, as far as I know. this forum is flooded with dates and rides requests to the the lady in red... I tried a couple of weeks ago in a humble Piper tomahawk, of course she said no.
  12. thanks! just learned something new
  13. @BradB thanks!!! my girlfriend/pax thinks the very same way! @Jack Sawyer I know, and I preciate a lot, I'm also grateful to have the chance to share with this amazing community of simmers here at Orbx! thanks to all!! look for the next one available here
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