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  1. Beautiful series of shots! Thanks for sharing.
  2. What a great idea - and a beautiful look at backcountry mountains. It almost made me want to hike the trail until I saw how steeply it rose to the glacier lake!
  3. Bingo! It wasn't an airport, but an old ortho file called Grants Pass. I pulled it out of Custom Scenery and now everything works fine. Many thanks for the diagnosis, Maurice!
  4. On a flight in southern Oregon from Ashland to Grants Pass I suddenly found a missing tile - at least in my download of TE Oregon. The scenery is ortho, but it's poor quality and badly washed out and there's no autogen anywhere within the tile. I ran Verify Files and it said everything was fine. Is this a problem with just my download, or is the tile around Grants Pass actually missing??
  5. Another drooler here, looking at those long-awaited pictures. As I live on the Oregon coast I'm especially interested to see the offshore rocks that make the coast so distinct. Really looking forward to this one! One correction: Portland is not the capital of Oregon. The capital is Salem.
  6. Nick, I applied for the senior discount in March 2018. It was approved (see below). And then I never got it again. EDIT: That help page didn't help at all. I've already gone through all that. I've since filed a support ticket - I hope that solves the problem. Richard Lincoln (Orbx Simulation Systems) Mar 21, 7:57 AM AEDT Hi Larry, Your Discount is already applied Sir, please let me know if there is anything further I can help with. Thanks Richard
  7. I don't know if this is the right forum for posting this, but I applied for the senior discount more than a year ago. It was applied to the first thing I bought, but it hasn't been applied to anything I've bought since then. And I've bought a lot. How do I get the senior discount reinstated (I'm not getting younger!) and if this is the wrong forum, please move it to the right one. Thanks! Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  8. I'm pretty sure you're right about the source of the problem. Nice job of diagnosis. Hopefully there's a fix.
  9. I'm having a similar problem, though until I read Mitch's post above I didn't realize the cause. I just thought it was crazy that a 1.01 update would reload the entire TE Washington... which it's now doing in the background. Orbx Central showed that I already owned it and asked if I wanted the 1.01 update. I said sure, as I'd already done for a couple of other sceneries that updated in a few seconds. So is this a problem where Orbx Central doesn't realize TE Washington is already installed? (Mine too is on an external disk.) Or is it a problem that the 1.01 update actually does require a complete re-download of the entire TE Washington? Again, thanks in advance. And a terrific job, by the way, with the new Orbx Central. Wonderful software!
  10. Bravo Mitchell! The latest update fixed the problem completely. The libraries downloaded successfully on the first try and the Anacortes airport now works fine. Many thanks for your efforts in fixing this!
  11. Hi Nick, On my Mac, the download never begins. The ball just keeps going round and round but nothing happens, alas..
  12. Nick, that file was removed prematurely. The libraries download does not work in the Mac beta of Orbx Central - at least not for me, and it looks like for other users as well. So far it is still impossible to download and because of that the Anacortes airport does not load at all in X-Plane. I'm loving TE Washington, but I'd sure like that Anacortes airport!
  13. Hi Mitchell, I appreciate that you've added an option to download the library manually if the regular download fails. Unfortunately, the manual download doesn't work either. Once you select a folder the only option is Cancel. The problem persists.
  14. Okay, here's the file - though I had to clip it since it just keeps repeating the failed attempts to download. Hopefully this has the info you need. Thanks for your help. Central log file.txt
  15. I’ve been having a terribly frustrating time trying to load the Anacortes airport. I recently moved XP11 to an external SSD drive, and that’s caused many problems. At first, I couldn’t download anything at all from the Mac beta of Orbx Central. I lost the synchronization with X-Plane and could not restore it at all from within the app - it just said there was an error. Finally I downloaded a fresh copy of Orbx Central and the airport file finally downloaded. But it wouldn’t open when I started X-Plane. (See log). All the necessary libraries were missing and it refused to load the airport. Now I’ve gone back to Orbx Central and am trying to download the Libraries, but the download does not work. All I get is the spinning wheel and nothing else - 0 bytes are ever downloaded. How do I get the libraries if Orbx Central won’t download them? When I went to the website and tried the cross-platform download, all I got was a 403 Forbidden error message! Help! Log.txt
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