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  1. Hey Marcus, i thought about anything like that. So this means, that a building or a wall does let pass lightbeams. Do i understand this correctly.? Cause the reflection in front of the door does not point to any lightsource. This by the way shall not be a blame. I think this is a Prepar3d issue, cause from time to time i see the sun even through a plane. At least the Halos. Its all about physics. The angle a lightbeam hits the surface is the angle it will leave it again. So if there are reflections directly in front of a building, then i get curious how this works? Lets talk about the reflection on the left. Where is the corresponding light source? And then from the door and the one to the right. 2nd to the right i understand because of the light whatbis mounted at the wall. But the other 3..I hope i made my concern clear. Again. This shall not be seen as a claim or request for corrections. I am just curious, because its not matching real life physics. And of course its Software and not real.
  2. Good day dear community. I got a question. On your portal in section screenshots on picture 20 you can observe 4 positions where you see light reflections on a wet surface during the night. But directly behind the reflection is the building. So where is the source of those 4 light reflections. I can see 4 lightpoles behind the building. But the building is in between. So there can't be any reflections. Just noticed that. If you count from left to right, then nr. 3 could be real, cause there is a sidewall mounted light. But how about 1 2 and 4. If you see reflections any light should be right behind in line with it. Cheers Pascal
  3. Dears, i need your help. What aircraft did you place on picture 10 for the Scandinavian Mountain Airport on your portal. This is clearly a A320Neo from SAS. https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/airbus-a320neo-se-roj-sas-scandinavian-airlines/3xq108 So as this is P3D. Where do you have that Airplane from? There is a big discussion inside the FSlabs Forum. Please help me. And tell me if this is an Aerosoft or Fslabs or AI A320 or a beta maybe..?? Thanks Pascal
  4. So changing any of those bgl files to off, or deleting did not help. Must be anything else.
  5. Hi Nick. Thanks for the reply. There is another topic in regards to London City, and i believe this is a PBR issue. But i am not 100% sure now. In this post i said some hours ago i will look into it this weekend. If bgl files are really the problem, maybe Orbx could think of checking this, that the installer is deactivating them automatically. Thid could be more convenient for Sim beginners. I knew, that using multiple software from several developers could lead into compatibility issues over and over. But that Prepar3d keeps me that busy, i could not believe upfront. Have a good one
  6. I gonna hunt those bgl files now. This weekend i have time to look into it.
  7. Speedbird is doing a wheelie. Awesome. Gents. Inside the settings from Orbx i found anything with old and new layer model. I am not at home, so i do not remember well. Toggle this and maybe it helps. At least it did for me. Nick could you also please look into the other issues with London. There is another topic with weird forms on the ground. Nick, which shader or PBR related tools are you using? Thx
  8. What do you think how many GB i need for the whole coast line down to Mexiko. Just a rough number? Cheers Pascal I mean the P3D version btw.
  9. Hi, yesterday i made an approach to Edinburgh. While arriving at the gate i was wondering why the Guidance system didn't work. Then i found out, that the airport does not support the newest VDGS. Will it have an update. Cause the system does not work anyway. Thx
  10. But the more i think of it, it could be a PBR or shader related issue. If Nick says, he has no issues, maybe we shall compare our shader tools. But why are all other Airport looking fine. I do own around 70 airport add ons from nearly all developers. But really only London has problems. Why???? Some days ago i have installed Goteburg, Edinburgh and Belgrade (All from Orbx). no issues there? Why London?
  11. Hi, i do always check those control panels before flying. And i am sure i have chosen my setup correctly to LC England. It would be nice, if anybody could start to think of what this could be basically. If Greg says, that the layers are close to each other, than maybe the Mesh setting could solve it. I am far away from my sim, so i can not verify right now. Help would be appreciated.
  12. Same issue. But depends on angle you are looking to it VID_20191210_220244.mp4
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