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  1. Hi Raz. I just want to have it clear for myself. I thought that GSX is using positions from the AFCAD file, what is being programmed by the airport developer. So you are saying that FSDT has to program a profile for every airport. So i need to reach out to FSDT? Bye Pascal
  2. Seems this thread has a lot of attention. Could anyone please look for the Afcad post from me. Thanks
  3. Their AFCAD data are messed up. When i load the sim at Gate C33 for example. The Sim puts it to the corresponding AFCAD Gate C33 position. As you see on the picture, the Plane is far behind and aftern. First i need to slew the machine to the correct position. I cant use the jetways there. This is pretty annoying. Dear Gaya pleas update your AFCAD and make the gatestand more accurate. Picture of where the AFCAD thinks i m at the right position and where it should be.
  4. Hi Nick. The Airport with autogen and trees is working pretty fine. Its just the runway and taxi lights what look very weird. I know their is another topic with an dds file to be copied. But this isn't helping.
  5. But thanks doesnt mean the issue is fixed.
  6. Hi folks same here. All lights look pretty bad here.
  7. Here a screenshot from YBBN. So why does YMML looks so awful?
  8. changing the vegetation or building density does not help. I have similar issues at EDDF from Aerosoft and EDDL from Justsim. But only those Airports. If any dev wants to see state of the art taxway lighting look to Taxi2Gate EDDM
  9. Hey folks There is no medium setting for vegetation and buildings. Do you mean normal?
  10. Dears my YMML light are looking bad as well. I have all stuff installed in Australia. I tried already a bunch of stuff nothing helps. thanks for ideas. I try the autogen for trees now. Never thought, there is an relation. Another thing. All mauals from Orbx do not match the wording of the sim settings. Example. the base pack is saying level of detail radius should be set to large. So when i open the sim. There is no large. Sim has low, medium, high, ultra and max. So what is large. Could anybody from Orbx please update all manuals (pdfs). this would be great.
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