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  1. My Completed Cockpit

    It is the main keyboard Andy, although I have a second one plugged into the front of the PC that I use when I'm not actually flying. Very easy, as each keyboard simply duplicates the other. So it really doesn't matter which one you use. If you look at photo no 3, you'll see the second keyboard. It certainly does Hi Frank, it certainly does add enormously to the immersion. And to be honest, it's perfectly doable by most simmers. As for the drone business, thanks for asking, it's ticking over, I won't set the world alight, but we've had some pretty 'big deals' this year which is good Thanks Taph Cheers Mikee Hee hee, yes you're right Sniper. In fact, if the truth be known, I have almost got as much pleasure from tweaks and building as I have as actual simming!
  2. My Completed Cockpit

  3. My Completed Cockpit

    Thanks Graeme, I'm actually about to go for a fly in ten minutes! Monday morning, I should really be working
  4. My Completed Cockpit

    Hee hee, yeah, my trusty Warty. I Replaced the stick with the yoke, but I really miss it. I suppose I should get a proper throttle quadrant, but there are so many switches on the Warthog throttle, and I use all of them, that I'd never get to replace them if I moved to a throttle quadrant. Thanks Shaun, actually I fly the NGX less than I used to, but having moved across to P3DV4 I am intent on getting into the seat more. I find if I'm going to fly the NGX, then I want to do the whole thing, from prelfight setup and flightplan etc., so that takes time. I tend to put aside an NGX flight for an afternoon at the weekend, and for all the other times I fly GA. It's takes far less time! Enjoy the 1080ti.
  5. My Completed Cockpit

    Thanks Roger Thnank you Fly Gerold!
  6. My Completed Cockpit

    I posted a short thread a couple of weeks ago about building my new cockpit. Well, now it's complete, so I thought I'd share a few pics with my fellow simmers. There is one last thing I need to complete, and that is to put together a small LED strip light above the GoFlight and Saitek switch panels, as they sadly have no built-in illumination.
  7. Flight Sim 2017 Cosford - Some pics

    A shame, I missed it, otherwise I would definitely have gone. Maybe next year.
  8. My New Simpit Build

    Hmm, no Colin, I haven't experienced anything like that. In fact I have been over the moon with it. Try running with the display port. One thing I have found works well, is to run the monitor at 30hz and then set the sim to unlimited frames with Vsync set in P3D. Cheers.
  9. My New Simpit Build

    Sounds like a good plan!
  10. My New Simpit Build

    Hi Colin, this is the fella... BDM4350UC 43" 3840x2160 IPS 4K 60Hz Widescreen LED Monitor
  11. My New Simpit Build

  12. My New Simpit Build

    Hi Ian, thank you. Yes, Joan and I were both sad to miss out on seeing you. Maybe next year?
  13. My New Simpit Build

    Hi Shaun, hope you're well. Sure, the VRI MCP is awesome. It really is worth the investment. I did have an issue about five months after it's purchase where it had to be returned to the manufacturer and it was about 6 weeks before I had it returned! Dealing with support in the far flung corners of the far east, is not easy! Anyhow, this unit, which is about 4 or 5 years old now, has worked fine for all that time. To install, it is a matter of installing two different drivers and ascertaining the correct USB port. Once you have done this, leave the drivers and install LINDA, if you haven't already got it, and install the NGX module, which has the Vri MCP functions integrated. There are LINDA modules available for the PMDG 747 and 777, but unsure whether they include Vri MCP integration. Effectively, once you have the LINDA NGX module, there is no need for any further interraction, as it is basically plug and play! There is also an EFIS panel on the MCP and radio with other functions. Above the radio there are a set of buttons which you can assign to other functions in the NGX too! As for assigning MCP functions to other aircraft, it is supposed to work, but to be honest, I only use it with the NGX. I have other Saitek radio and switch panels and GoFlight switches that I use for other aircraft. I love the Warthog, you may remember I had one too, but I kept the throttle and sold the stick and replaced it with a used PFC alloy yoke. IMO, changing the Warthog for anything other than an alloy yoke would be foolhardy. To this day I still often miss the Warthog, it is a beautifully engineered bit of kit, but I don't regret moving to a yoke, only when I fly the Katana and Airbus! Which to be fair, is not very often. My airliner of choice is the NGX, which I fly mostly. The Ipad CDU is an app you purchase from the Itunes store and simply download the relevent driver 'end' for the PC. Again, this is an awesome bit of kit and works flawlessly, providing of course you have a good WiFi connection. 737: http://store.virtualavionics.com.br/en/applications/11-virtual-cdu-737.html 777: http://store.virtualavionics.com.br/en/applications/13-virtual-cdu-777.html 747: http://store.virtualavionics.com.br/en/applications/14-virtual-cdu-747.html If you need any further help, just hola!
  14. My New Simpit Build

    Hi Taph, I was hoping to have it completed before our short visit to Italy, but my keyboard for the overhead didn't arrive in time. I'm going to throw together a short video tour of the sim shortly, as I think it may help give a few ideas to others.
  15. My New Simpit Build