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  1. I'll check things out John. Many thanks Nick also.
  2. Hi John, yes I see this texture, but this appears to be the lower texture. Just been into the scenery folder of KFCA/KGPI to see if there is anything obvious that may be out of place but I can't see anything. Very odd as I seem to have gone through the obvious culprits. Here's a screengrab... which is also odd because the textures seem to be a combination of the texture you have, the lower texture, and the upper texture seems to mirror that of Nick's scenery!
  3. For some reason the end of the runway, or should I say start of Rwy 2. there is flickering, the kind associated with elevation issues. ie. flickering between the top texture and a different texture beneath. This is not associated with aliasing, this is while sat on the ground and I move to an external view, the entire runway width flickers as I move the view around. I have no duplicate AFCADS associated with the airport, all have been removed from MTX folder. There are no other third party mesh addons and I have run the Vector airport elevation tool twice with no change. Help appreciated fellas, thanks.
  4. OK Nick, thanks. A shame though, as Vashon alkways used to be a fave of mine.
  5. Hi Nick, do you have any further recommendations?
  6. Hi Joe, sure, no Lukla. The issue is not that autogen is missing, it's that they disappear when the view is changed. It remains an issue that seems to be going nowhere with a resolution.
  7. Hi Larry, hmm, in the second video it shows buldings disappearing while still in view! I think the issue is the same in both scenarios. I must point out though that I have never experienced anything like this anywhere else, at all, except at Vashon.
  8. Hi Larry, here is the requested screenshot...
  9. Hi Larry, this is extremely kind of you to take the time in helping and it's very much appreciated. Sure, I'll take a screengrab and post soon. Thanks.
  10. I have to say, I'm surprised that none of the devs know what is causing this.
  11. Nick, it seems this has been noted elsehwere with Orbx... According to Alex Goff of ORBX (from the above link), the issue stems from P3d unloading objects when > 100 object models are loaded by the sim. His workaround was to split the placement bgl file into 2 smaller files for the newly released Chicago Meigs airport. Is there anything that can be done with Vashon?
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