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  1. Hiya, she's gooorgeous, although I have to admit, I have not yet looked closer at G1000, or anything else for that matter. This was literally the very first time I flew her.
  2. This is a very down and dirty video of my very first 'hands on' with the newly released Vertx Diamond DA-62.
  3. Hi Mick, hmm, maybe you know something I don't, but it says on the info page regarding old gits discounts.. * Please note that during sales and other special offers, this discount will not apply. If you can get the old girts discount on top of the sale price, then let me know, 'cos that would be awesome!
  4. Sure, you don't get discount on already discounted items
  5. Hey John, perhaps now is a good time to install Chaseplane. I used to fly with Exzca, but Chaseplane in my opinion is faaaar better
  6. Nice pics John. Can you share your sky textures/settings please?
  7. Yet again, I missed the event. Purely my own fault. Next year I will definitely get there!
  8. Hmm, well, I'll swim against the tide. I woudn't even entertain or recommend a Saitek yoke to anyone. If you want plastic and cheap, then sure, go for a Saitek. If you want realism and 100% immersion, then get yourself a good quality alloy yoke. The emphasis being on alloy and not a toy like plastic representation. Sorry, I hope I'm not offending others' decision to buy the Saitek, because I know they are the most popular of yokes, but not because of their build quality, but because they are the only viable alternative for most people because of their cost. There basically aren't any other alternatives, that I know of, at that price point. The downside is that a good quality alloy yoke will set you back quite a bit financially, but hey, you asked for suggestions. I have owned both the Saitek yoke (for exactly one flight) then returned it as it was depressingly awful. I then bought a PFC, used yoke on Ebay, for about a £100 more than the Saitek! OK, it was used, but it is alloy and works brilliantly. It has transformed my immersion in simming by 150% the Saitek reduced it by that amount. Prior to getting the Saitek, I had the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog joystick system, this in my mind is the best joystick and bit of kit available! It is simply beautifully crafted, weighs a ton, superbly made, has several dozen configurable buttons and switches, is reasonably priced and incredibly immersive. The only reason I sold it was I wanted to fly with a yoke, but having returned the Saitek immediately, I used the Warthog for a little longer before finding the PFC yoke on Ebay. My thinking is that I would prefer to fly with the incredible Warthog and the immersion and quality it brings to simming, rather than fly with a plastic yoke! As I said earlier, I don't wish to offend others' buying decision, as we are all different, and most of us are restrained by cost. I certainly am, but I would prefer to save some dosh and buy something really worthwhile rather than get second best. At the end of the day, consider your options carefully and decide what is important to you. I have found with many things in life that, simply because everyone else is doing something, doesn't mean it is the best thing for me. Safe flying!
  9. It does Stewart, but in fairness, I think this is the first release that is P3d V4 specific (?) so it's an easy mistake to make. I think it would be helpful if the fact that it is P3Dv4 only, was made a little more obvious.
  10. Nice post Emmsie. I look forward to seeing many more of your screenies over the next ten years.
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