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  1. H Brad, I notice SciSimmer did a video with VR and loved it BUT it had NO outside shots while airborne. Come to think of it, I have never seen comments about VR in external airborne views.Why is that? As I am interested in purchasing VR, I wonder if it is a good idea. What is your external experience? BigglesG
  2. Love the new Australian scenery. I am impressed that you have shown our Port Macquarie airport as it will be - while it is only half built. BUT I have just flown up the coast from Marimbula NSW YMER) to Nowra (SNW) and I noticed some of the coastal houses at (around) Ulladulla are floating offshore in the Pacific. Surely the sea level ain't rising that fast.
  3. I don't know if I am replying to Emile and/or imcdonald, but good to find others who share my region of the world and my love of flight sim as well as anticipation for Australia V2 Since selling my planes (microlight and nanolight), I have really enjoyed using the scenery produced by Orbx. New Zealand is stunning Emile. I was there (Auckland) 6 weeks ago and my visit was improved because I have flown using Orbx to orientate myself and view the regions featured on "Coast' on TV. Don't be offended if I say that I think the South Island Orbx scenery is even more spectacular. My home airfield is YPMQ (port Macquarie, NSW) and I am interested in making contact with 'local' simmers such as yourselves. my email is; kamcgunn@gmail.com if you care to correspond.
  4. Hi Scott, you replied to Nick's post asking about a download site for the Wedgetail. some mixup here 'cos that wasn't me. I am trying to find a download for the T-45C Goshawk that will work with P3D version 4. (BTW, I am near YPMQ.)- neighbours.
  5. I am the same as you - I am just a 'flightsim tragic' who has both P3D and XPlane on my PC. I want to see flightsim progress, but I have no influence on either platform or the scenery produced. When you say 'you guys should....', I have no idea what you are meaning. Do you think we have some influence that you don't?
  6. Bruce, thanks for your comments. I suggest that you grab the New Zealand scenery while the sale is on- It's superb! I guess we'll both just have to wait for the new Australian scenery. What is your local airfield? Mine is Port Macquarie, NSW.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. It's 2 am here and I was forgetting that you lot in the UK would out and about now. I wasn't expecting a reply for hours. re the new scenery, I thought the email I got said it was available, but it looks like I goofed. Thanks. Gunster
  8. Thanks for that info. Now I don't feel so bad. I can salivate with the best of them. Gunster
  9. I've been to Orbx Direct to try to buy this darned program (Australia version 2) but all I can find is promotional material. How frustrating! I do want to buy it - even if Sydney isn't covered as well as Melbourne - but I just can't find the download site for version 2. I already have version 1. Pls tell me how to find the download.
  10. Found my way there Nick, and ticked the relevant boxes, but still no joy re the 'populated' Port Macquarie airport. Should I try ticking the boxes and re-downloading the airport? I'm a bit hesitant tho as I downloaded FTX Australia and the new Gold Coast -but they've not arrived and I can't find where they've gone.
  11. You are testing me Nick. I am finding I am a newbie at this but it seems to have worked !! No settings option tho'. regards, Ken
  12. Firstly Nick, I mentioned I downloaded FSX from you but I meant 'from Orbx'. Sorry. Nextly, I haven't been able to access FTX settings page to tick the box. Same for the P3D scenery addons. What am I doing wrong? Regards, Ken
  13. Hi Nick, Tnx for the prompt reply. I downloaded his local scenery for FSX-SE from you and it is GREAT!. Old aviators standing around , waving arms and yarning, plus staff moving luggage. Have just switched to P3D and downloaded again and the scenery is good, but no activity - people or luggage etc. Sad. Would be good to have a local contact if anyone else is near. This is a great place to fly. We have an internat. flying school here 'cos our airfield s good, coastal scenery is great, and little traffic. Climate is the best in Australia -which says a lot. Thanks again Nick. Ken
  14. How can I get in touch with John Ross who created the wonderful scenery for my local area - Port Macquarie, Australia? I can give my email if it helps. Ken Gunn
  15. I have FTX Global , Vector Base. Oceania and launceston Sceneries, Flat, blue water features appear on sloping hillsides. would re-installing help? I have noticed it most frequently in Tasmania. Gunster
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