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  1. Ah ok no problem there then. It is the Aerosoft DVD Nick Regards
  2. and when i verify the scenery it checks 612? am i missing files? regards
  3. deleted rolling cache and its still not in the sim Nick. i've been away for two weeks now, has any huge changes been made which i need to amend? for example this is new to me: see cap1.PNG anyway, i'm running out of how this is to be fixed. thanks Nick
  4. Nick, Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I've tried what you said here and it still didn't work unfortunately. <Package name="digitaldesign-lows" active="true"/> that's what's in the new content.xml Regards
  5. Hi Orbx, So I've purchased LOWS, downloaded and installed into the community folder which I can also see. even in content manager I can see its there also, but when I load up Salzburg, its still default. So I'm not sure what to do at this stage. Sim is updated Orbx central is updated W10 20H2 OS build: 19042.630 Kind regards Nick
  6. Do you have Orbx vector? As I found this to be a big player in stutters. So I deselected almost all checkboxes and it reduced stutters
  7. So I’ve spent many hours trying to figure it all out. More hours messing with settings a tweaks and I truly believe, it’s nothing to do with hardware. It’s just the sim. I watch youtubers, and I can see they have the stutters too. Maybe it’s just a p3d thing. my settings change to what aircraft I use also. So far, I can’t find a happy medium, I have a 144hz monitor. And running at 30 FPS Is great for stutters of scenery, but gives me a headache while planning around in the cockpit because it’s not as fluid than running at unlimited (at the cost of stutters. More testing is needed. But I’m
  8. ok so i made a few changes. as i still wasn't satisfied. 144hz monitor Orbx vector - unticked everything (you still get your coastlines just not roads but im yet to slowly add them back until I stutter) NCP - prefre max performance In Sim - set fps to 30 (ive come to the conclusion p3d doesnt play well with frames above 30/35...or maybe just for my monitor anyway, i got any higher than that, i get stutters)
  9. @AnkH yeah I’ve had the same issues, I’ve tried all kinds of settings, But I always end up with really laggy panning, stutters or tearing. I’ve even got a full V5 install now to eliminate me missing anything but it didn’t make a difference. I’ve spent hours trying to figure it all out. in the end, for now, I’ve settled for the following settings: 144hz resolution monitor NCP - 1/2 refresh rate And prefer maximum performance. In sim - set frames to 30, sync - on and TB - off - additional note: I also disabled ful
  10. so after some long testing last night. its down to refresh rates and in sim fps setting. all sorted now. plus - QW 787, turning on terrain radar will induce a prominent stutter every 3 seconds. kind regards. Birdy
  11. Ok, cant get rid of the stutter every 3 seconds, I've literally ran out of things to do, I thought I got rid of it, but I haven't. ive reverted back to HF1, nothing, so im back on HF2. I'm at a loss and feel so defeated
  12. Further testing. Didn’t actually work. Stutters every 3 seconds. Even dialed the sliders down. I may revert to p3d HF1 and see if it’s a HF2 issue
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