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  1. Hi aviator 49, Could you tell which CPU cooler you are using with this i9 9900k? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there, Do not be deceived: P3D is totally CPU dependent. Worse, it prefers the "0" core of the CPU's. That said, what is more important to operate the P3D is a CPU clock, that is, the CPU must be 4.5Ghz or more ... 4.3Ghz is acceptable ... it stays on the threshold.
  3. Fantastic shots Mark. Excellent angles with great sense of immersion. I loved all those sights.
  4. Showy quality of these shots. Fantastic set to be watching Iain.
  5. Impressive the reality of these screenshots. Great job John capturing these shots.
  6. Very fine Jarrad. I had expected such work on your part. Thank you master!
  7. Wonderful screenshots. Now it's going to give a lot of pleasure to fly in the PNW I say in TE Washington: everything seems real ... Great job on these shots, Iain.
  8. Excellent shots Iain.
  9. A good question mate. I speculate that this will depend on the interest of the team members in helicopters. I see there are some developers sensitive to this niche of simmers taste. Others ignore it and support general aviation. Anyway, we'll see ...
  10. Top&nice captures of views.
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