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  1. Thanks buddy. I do have appreciated this. Cheers,
  2. Hi Socata, I'm so sorry for your suffering. Anyway, what I can suggest to you is to delete Prepar3d.cfg and make an attempt without tampering with "Traffic" settings (("Aviation Traffic" and "Land and Sea Traffic"), ie keep them at zero/none -- minima. It is almost certain that you will move from the unit range to the thirty-sixty FPS range. Cheers,
  3. This is a reality without a mask. The videos show it all. Now it's a little more refined. It is noticed that the ground level resolution is close to the real. Microsoft will undoubtedly make a new simulator for the 20/30s. It has unending resources. For now let's enjoy the beautiful work of Orbx.
  4. Downloading will never be huge. The whole thing works in the form of layers that are assembled on time, taking standardized samples (not many) according to the geographical point indexing. Cheers,
  5. Never mind, Jon. I had posted the "Verify Files" solution, but after reading the entire thread, I concluded that the files XP11.40 had placed there should be replaced. That's it, mate. Cheers,
  6. A little mistake of mine, sorry ... Deleted.
  7. Oops !!! I had missed this shot and the story beneath the beautiful view. Thanks Martyn.
  8. Good catches Jack, despite the fall, very wooded surroundings. Very nice place where I made countless flights. Love this rendering done by Jarrad.
  9. Stunning shots for sure. Very nice to watching them.
  10. Very watchful you Jack. Maybe Heigi will answer your questions. I like to fly around because it is full of mountains and the landings and takeoffs are challenging. Great shots mate.
  11. Hi, Carenado 390 Premier IA is going for a traffic pattern test in Samedan. 1.▼ 2.▼ 3.▼ 4.▼ 5.▼ Cheers,
  12. Great video mate. Lovely places.
  13. Excellent information you gave here. They will be very helpful in this new simulated flight exercise park. Cheers,
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