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  1. Good job mate. That way I expected to find TrueEarth. However, with all the whining and noise that consumers have made about file size, I think of doing the same as you did.
  2. A handful of colors in these shots. Very nice buddy
  3. Today only the airport. In another video Belgrade CityScene
  4. Very good Ian. As you know, computer is a being that aspires to be bigger than us ... and each one has their own idiosyncrasies! Hahaha. Cheers,
  5. Hi , You need to know what you are doing, right? That said, you can read the content of this website first: https://store.hp.com/app/tech-takes/hyper-threading-everything-to-know Soon after, this calculator put on this website will be good for you: http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=utilties Best regards,
  6. No worries. This scenery was already a masterpiece at P3D. I see that now, for XP, Master Jarrad must have outgrown himself. As for helisimmers, Jarrad always takes this "nation" into consideration. Cheers,
  7. Hahaha... something impossible to change ... but we always gets around to harmonize, as it ever was ... By the way, a great set of shots on your vacation. Cheers,
  8. Great shots mate. It’s a pleasure appreciate them all!
  9. Wonderful coverage you did John on your tour over so beautiful places. I really appreciated the angles you’ve taken that shots.
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