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  1. Looking fantastic, I've missed these scenery packages since leaving Richards versions behind in FS9. Cheers, Nick
  2. A few pictures of Starks Twin Oaks, with a pinch of PNW in the distance.
  3. Aha. I was up there a couple of weeks back, went to look around the dock museum and then had a drive around Walney. What I really wanted to do was get down to the docks to view the military ships, but I couldn't find any good spots. Is there a good vantage point?
  4. Thanks chaps. Iain, another Cumbrian I see. In which town do you reside?
  5. . I've just uploaded a series of shots, taken this morning, to my website. They are mainly of the airport itself, rather than the included surroundings. Please click on the following picture to be taken to the gallery. Allow a few seconds for the background images to load, before clicking on the thumbnails. Great work folks, this really is an excellent package. . Or click here: http://www.screenshotartist.co.uk/orbx_tamworth.htm .
  6. In a straight line race maybe, tight turn around the poles I'm not so sure.
  7. If you treat her well Heiko she'll respect you, but it's not an aircraft you jump into, press ctrl+e and fly away. A few bugs yet to sort out and a few refinements, then it's onto the pure racer model, now that's going to be interesting!
  8. Sorry, too much traffic through my website, bandwidth exceeded for the first time in years! I've uploaded to the server here and will do in future, picture should now be visible.
  9. A long way from home, but where else can I fly now?? You guys have me stuck in your dog faced country, shame on you!
  10. I thank you for that info. I had used a set in the past that looked similar and just couldn't work out which ones they were. I've trawled the F1 forums trying to find images with these textures and a reference to the name, but to no avail! And thanks for the praise, I've been admiring your work from afar for a good year and I'm ashamed to say, I've never taken the time to sign up and say "outstanding"
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