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  1. Exelent stuff. Where can I get my hands on this preset?
  2. It's been a while since last time John. Great to see that Norway is getting some FTX action at last. I know this is a part of the world you've been wanting to do for years as I remeber from our talks a few years back. Welcome to Bodø, my friend. Nice to see my hometown with some proper textures. As I understand, you have managed to get Tore on your dev team. I've been following his project for a while and was hoping your path would cross at some point.
  3. Looking very good there Thorsten...just as good as they did on FTG
  4. It's looking good your new computer. I'm desperate to get myself a new system so I can get back into the wonderful skies above Orbx.
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  6. Wonderful shot. With FTX I never go flying without getting a "am I really..."
  7. Purchased a copy myself about 1,5 hour ago using Mastercard. Now I have 1 minute left of downloading.... So as Wolter says, I think it's depends on your Bank at what system they use. And why didn't I get it earlier....? Had to wait for my girl to get her pay....
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  9. No worries Larry, we all have that blind spot on our eyes from time to time...
  10. Very sad news to get on a early morning. Rest in peace, and my thought goes to those he left behind.
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