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  1. Hi l have just done a computer re build every thing is back together now and working fine,however after re installing my three sims from scratch and downloading Orbx Cenral to gain my sceneries back ,Central will not let me re-install anything.All i get is is communiction errors,why i don`t know,I have tried all your sugestions and am now at a loss Please advise accordingly Attached xplane log file Regards Chris X-Plane Installer Log.txt
  2. Operating system: WIN10 Simulator: XPLANE 11 Screenshot: N/A Issue: Accidental download cancellation CHRISTOPHER BAILEY May 14, 2020, 6:08:13 PM GMT+10 H[ I was downloadin your Orbx SO CAL as normal,i needed to pause the download and accidently hit the cancellation X. i had gotten as far as 16GB .Is there anyway i can revert back to my download as i have a limited amount of monthly allowance. Hope this makes sense,and your products are outstading. Thanks Chris. Your transaction ID
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