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  1. I have it and it really is nice and blends so well with OpenLC Europe. \o/
  2. Nick from A2A put an update about it over on AvSim:
  3. My name is Buffy, and I was an IDIOT, too. For me it was Windows Defender that I had to put exclusions for. Since I did that, it's been real nice. :D
  4. It's kinda suspicious how the bad weather comes when it's time to land... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nice pix!
  5. That's a pretty paint, Jack! Pretty pix, too! :)
  6. Nice day for flying and making pix!
  7. Are the files in your Recycle Bin, though? I think deleted files can be recovered as long as you didnt write lots of stuff to the disk afterward? Like this kind of thing: https://beebom.com/how-recover-deleted-files-windows-10/ Keeping your registrations in a little text file on Dropbox or OneDrive or whatever is a good way to not lose them. You can even back up your downloaded sceneries. Then even if something really bad happens to your house, your files are safe. :)
  8. Waiting for 747-under-the-bridge pix now...
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