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  1. The issue appears to be fixed! Thanks for your help!
  2. Okay, so after re-ordering the vector entries, and checking the frozen surface setting, and looking at addon LC. This is what I'm seeing around KLAS. Now, I do have FSDream Team's KLAS, however the errors appear to be far outside the LC and texture coverage of this addon. Plus I saw similar errors along my flight.
  3. So I tried what you suggested and I'm still having issues. There's still issues with random black spots and squares on some of the scenery, and it also looks like there's a mixture of orbx base scenery and default scenery. Everything was installed as described, so I'm not sure what else I could've missed.
  4. Okay thank you. I originally had the OpenLC installed in the library. I will try to install them into the main folder and set the library up as you've specified.
  5. Hi all, I installed the global base pack, HD trees, Vector, OpenLC Europe, NA, and SA, as well as OpenLC Mesh SA and this is what happens at the default airport. I'm running P3D 4.5 hf2. I've already checked, and I don't believe there is another instance of objectflow.
  6. I'm noticing this problem as well. Major highways don't have lighting on them for some reason. Not sure why there's no reply from the devs on this.
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