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  1. Thanks sorted it. The file path to Temp folder needed editing in Central after my recent change of drive letter to my external hard drive where my Orbx is stored
  2. Hi, updating my library file using Orbx central and it has stuck, nothing happening. It scanned around 3000 files then it now says downloading and installing but nothing has happened for awhile now. Any ideas? Thanks Operating system: windows 7 64 Simulator: P3D v4 Screenshot: Issue: Library download stuck central.log
  3. I have done that and now when I point it to that library it says that library is not empty??...well I know that, that’s the whole idea is it not? It won’t let me select that library so now what? Wish these things were just simple and straightforward
  4. Wonder if anyone can help. I have had to do a re install of all of my computer. This has required a re install of Orbx central. All of my Orbx sceneries are on an external hard drive and have not been affected. The question I have is Orbx central seems to now want to re download all of my sceneries again which isn’t necessary and would take an age! Can someone advise how to go on or simply point central to where my scenery files are! Many thanks
  5. Are Orbx bringing out True Earth UK scenery for Aerofly FS? Thanks
  6. Brilliant! Thanks Bob, this was the info I was after. Many thanks
  7. Hi, Is it possible to edit True Earth Central Uk? That is can you remove trees from an area where they are inaccurate like you can in P3D using the SDK Many Thanks
  8. Is it possible to edit the scenery in True Earth Central UK? That is can you delete trees as you can in P3D using the SDK? An area I would like to use I can't as the trees are too big!
  9. Could I be cheeky and ask you to do me another one lower down on top of Sutton bank showing the buildings at the gliding club and how high the trees are on the edge of the ridge? The angle of the first pic showing the white house would be great just slightly right and lower down just before the buildings. Thank you so much
  10. Hi I wonder if anyone who has True earth Central UK could post me a screen shot of the Sutton Bank area near Thirsk( Near Bagby airfield) to show the level of detail they have gone to and also maybe a low down shot so I can asses the terrain quality? Many thanks
  11. WoW!! This is great news John. If you are going to add UK airfields May I request that you put in one or two Gliding sites for us Glider types! We are often the poorer relation in the flight sim world!! I’d be particularly keen on having Sutton Bank in North Yorkshire I’m one of the leading users of flight simulation in Gliding in the UK so if you need any advice of what we need in this area then please ask. Many thanks for your great products ...... now back to Innsbruck!
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