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  1. Any plans to move KRDD over to MSFS and P3dv5.1? How about Spokane KGEG. How about a general meeting of the minds of Orbx and figure out what worked in P3dv4 and what the master plan is for moving these products over to MSFS and P3dv5. Randy
  2. What would be a professional thing to do would be for Orbx to just come out and announce what scenerys are going to be upgraded to P3dv5.1 and converted to MSFS 2020. All they need to do is ask the developers of each product. We could put this issue to rest.
  3. So you are abandoning further updates to MSFS and P3dv5.1 with the current Orbx library, I would like to see KRDD updated to P3dv5.1/MSFS and Spokane finished.
  4. Neither KMBS Saginaw or KIDA Idaho Falls are v5.1 compatible but they port over perfect from v4.5. What is so different with KRDD.
  5. Then I am confused as to why iniBuilds would create a V5.1 compatibility file for it. Someone out there has a fix for KRDD.
  6. I see that iniBuilds has released a compatibility file for Orbx KRDD. With that. Has anyone figured out a way to successfully port from P3d v4.5 to v5.1 or figured away out to install KRDD directly in to P3dv5.1. I have tried to port it from 4.5 but when it is loaded there are no Orbx airport objects, it is just flat empty land with runway and taxiways showing. If you have a fix can you post it. I deeply miss flying into Orbx KRDD. Thanks Randy
  7. Can MK Studios Helsinki EFHK License Be Transferred to Orbx from Simmarket? Thank Randy
  8. Will All P3dv4.0-4.5 Airports be updated to P3dv5.0-5.1 like KRDD/KIDA/KMBS or are those now dead. I appreciate the want to provide users of MSFS 2020 add on airports but as a mostly current P3d V5.1 user I feel like I have been left behind. as it seems the MSFS is the priority. Also What is the current status of a development for KGEG and KBIL. Thanks Randy
  9. Any chance Orbx is going to get the many developers to upgrade the P3dv4 scenery's that haven't been upgraded to V5.1? It feels like everyone is just skipping over the hop scotch board straight to MSFS. I personally own $300 worth of Orbx scenery that are unusable at the present time.
  10. The building in the circle flickers when outside the aircraft. Anyone else notice this. Is there a solution. This is the most recent update. Randy
  11. Smudger, How does having them organized help with overall performance. Thank you for confirming me.
  12. Smuger Would the below bases of of my screenshots be an accurate way of organizing my scenery library using Lorbys? 1st layer AIG Ai Aircraft 3rd Party software 2nd Layer FlyTampa Flightbeam Taxi2gate MK Studios etc etc 3rd Layer Orbx Airports 4th Layer Orbx Global open LC 5th Layer The remainder of everything else Thanks again
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