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  1. Many thanks for the kind words and welcome. I didn't have to do much- ORBX did most of it. Thanks again, Cheers, Alan
  2. Couple of screenies over Alberta Only just purchased my first ORBX product - wont be last- great stuff. Cheers Alan E
  3. That is great news Holger. Have spent a lot of time hiking in this part of Canada so very familiar with it. Since purchasing, I have been modifying the scenery from Banff to Jasper by adding boat houses, buildings, trains etc etc from photos I have taken and naturally noticed Moraine Lake. Hector, Peyto, Bow and most of the rest are pretty right. Thank you for replying. Cheers, Alan E
  4. Thanks John- didn't there was much I could do but thought I would ask. Cheers, Alan
  5. Just new to ORBX. I have ORBX NA and very pleased with it. Only query I have is:- the water color of most of the lakes is reasonably represented however the color of the iconicMoraine Lake is flat compared towhat it should be. Is there any way I can get the color nearer the real deal.
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