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  1. This definitely does not look like True Earth NCA. Are you sure that TE Scenery is active in your scenery library? Failing that, it could be a layering issue - where in the scenery library is the TE placed?
  2. I'm not too sure why that's happening... Only thing I could suggest is to force a re-migration. Go to FTX Central - Settings - Under tools you will find this option. I have attached a screenshot below. No idea if this will help, but worth a shot.
  3. G'day, Turning down your settings would be good start for sure. Are you running P3D on an SSD or a regular HDD? An SSD would keep up with the load times much quicker. Keep the Mesh below Orbx scenery in your scenery configuration.
  4. Highly recommenced a reinstall of P3D and Orbx on the new drive. Like Lawrence said, a lot to do with the registry and locations of files.
  5. Hi Richard, I don't quite think this is Orbx related as I've had this issue before with default FSX a few years ago. Try adding the following to your FSX.CFG under the graphics tab: DAY_THRESHOLD=65535 NIGHT_THRESHOLD=0
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