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  1. I can plus one to the poor night FPS. It looks to mostly be the terminal dynamic lighting, although I havent played with the settings to confirm. But my FPS in the day is around 30 FPS, but at night, and looking at the terminal, drops to 7 FPS with default planes as well. I tried to stream my experience to my friend on discord, while at SJC at night, and it immediately caused a BSOD. EDIT: Turning off the dynamic lighting helped MASSIVELY!!!
  2. What sim will KSJC be releasing for first? Hoping for P3D!
  3. YES!!! So many years have I been waiting for KSJC to get the love it needs! My home town airport, I know all of its details almost by heart from plane spotting at the airport so many times a month! Ed, if you need references, contact info, or testers for this airport that know it by heart, please reach out to me for anything I could help with.
  4. Very nice! How do you get your sim in general looking like that? Looks great!
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