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  1. So will you fix this before releasing P3D version of TE Washington or you literally just don't care? It's reported since october 2019 and you are still selling this airport in your store. I'm so disappointed, one of the best sceneries and you went downhill like this. MSFS can't come soon enough.
  2. Months later still no fix, no updates, no hope.
  3. 7 months since the first report, no updates, still selling broken airport like nothing is happening.
  4. No, they don't care, I lost hope it will ever be fixed. But I'm sure one of the community admins will come up with some great excuse. Shame, I could have spent so much money on Orbx products, now all I do is mention this everywhere I can so people see how they keep selling broken airport. And not just this one.
  5. Any expected dates for service packs for TrueEarth Washington, Oregon and NorCal? There is a lot of reported issues, some of them directly affect your payware airports that are broken by them (taxiway at KVUO and KORS for example).
  6. I would also like to ask for this for TrueEarth regions. It's been a great help with FTX regions, thanks to it I discovered a lot of places I otherwise would not. I'm sure you guys have all those POIs listed somewhere with their coordinates, let us have them Cheers, Jan
  7. Thanks @Nick Cooper and @Jon Clarke for your replies. It seems that @Tony Wroblewski and @Greg Jones don't care much about my questions, so I guess those fixes are not coming in a reasonable time, so I'm going to go ahead and request refunds. I'm very disappointed, I've never had any issue with your products, because Orbx always meant quality. But I have a feeling that this year quantity is the priority, not quality. From now on I will be very careful when buying products from Orbx. It is not normal to buy 3 airports that honestly are just copy-paste from P3D and wait for months for simple fixes that absolutely destroy the point of payware scenery. Best regards, Jan
  8. Hi, @Jon Clarke I'm sorry but I'm starting to lose my patience with these bugs. I've bought these airports to enhance my TrueEarth experience, but instead i got the exact opposite. All of these are simple fixes that should be done ASAP, this is not the quality that I'm used to from Orbx and not the reason why I buy payware GA airports. KVUO is reported for almost 2 months, water masking issue around 74S for a month and a half and KORS for a month, while more and more airports are being released. Please let me know what are the estimates, otherwise I will have to ask for a refund of all three of them. Best regards, Jan
  9. Hi, any update or estimated date of some TE Washington and/or other airports service pack? I have bought three airports for this area and I have some problem on each one of them. 74S - this issue, even when 74S is not installed KORS - elevation issue on taxiway if TE Washington is installed KVUO - elevation issue on taxiway if TE Washington is installed .. I understand it takes some time to fix all the reported issues and release an update, I'm just asking if there is some estimate because right now there is not a single US airport I own from ORBX for XP11 that is without a problem for me. Cheers, Jan
  10. I think what Nick means to say is that everyone that has 74S installed will see it, not that it will stay the way it is. At least I hope, it's spoiling the otherwise beautiful view. Cheers, Jan
  11. Hi, I've noticed this elevation issue at KORS when spawning on 'North Apron', it's too steep to taxi. Cheers, Jan
  12. Same issue here around 74S. Cheers, Jan
  13. Operating system: Win10 Simulator: XP11.35, P3Dv4.5 Issue: Orbx Central crashes during download when disk becomes full Dear Orbx support, I was downloading TrueEarth US Oregon SD and when I came back to my PC after some time I found the Orbx Central not running. When I launched it, it crashed. I then logged out from my Windows account, logged back in and tried to run it again and the download continued. Right after that I noticed the files are being downloaded to my C drive, which doesn't have space left. I paused the download, tried to change download folder to my other drive (hoping maybe it will move files to the new location, as it indicated there is 20gb+ in it), and resumed the download. Files were still being downloaded to the original folder and few seconds later Orbx Central crashed again. Only solution was to cancel the download and start again. I have "Check disk space before installing" checked in "Downloader" settings. So it either did not check it correctly or it was checking only target install location, not the download one. I have a good connection so downloading 22gb again is not that much pain for me, but even for me that's almost an hour lost, on slow connection this can ruin someone's day. My suggestions: - fix/implement free storage check on download folder - if possible, when download is canceled ask user if he wants to delete already downloaded files. In case that he wants to keep them check if download folder has been changed and if it was, move the files to the new download location. If the download folder was not changed just leave them where they are. This could potentially help save users some time with also other download issues (i think). P.S.: I copied the log file during the download to the new location, just so you know and don't get confused why it ends how it does. Keep up the great work guys! Best regards, Ján Valkocentral.log central.log
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