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  1. Happy to prepay but I have just been through the order process to the confirm order stage for the combination Warnervale/Aeropelican and can see no discount applied? I have emptied my shpping cart until I can confirm the situation.
  2. This fix has been a long time coming. I have been waiting patiently in the background until now but I seem to notice the Gabled Flat Roofs all over the place these days so I look forward to the fix. I am running XP SP3 and FSX SP2 (NO acceleration)
  3. It is some time since I installed any hot fixes and now I am not sure which I have. Is there an easy way to tell which I have installed? I am not at my FSX PC now so I can't check experimentally. Much appreciated guys.
  4. Yes, thanks. I have had their addon for a while now and the update. Is there a particular order in the scenery library for these files?
  5. Well I had a look but could find nothing to do with this topic. Do you have a more direct link?
  6. Noticed this today: Another one for the list of things to correct FSX SDK permitting.
  7. Great product, well done all. My first screen shots on the forum: I thought I would take the Shack for a spin out of Cairns. The scenery is very good and the FR are OK hovering between 25 and 30 (set to unlimited). Some pics to add interest:
  8. Just purchased it but wish I could get it !!!! Unfortunately, when I go to download the download link failed (possibly due to overload) but when I went to try again, I noticed that I only had 9 downloads left. i.e. an unsuccessful attempt was taken as ONE download. So word of warning. You could easily run out of your download allocation with repeated unsuccessful attempts. Surely this is not right! How are we to know when the download link is up and running?
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