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  1. Hey Chris Missed the step to install Effects file in the P3D root directly. Did that and it works like a charm. Thanks Chris - appreciate your assistance Best Regards Bill Gradwell Pretoria South Africa
  2. Thanks Charles for your reply. Makes sense but you will think YBBN should be able to accommodate the likes of a 747 on the international side. Best Regards Bill Gradwell
  3. Hello Chris Thanks - tried it - put the BGL files in appropriate file locations but my plane remains a black silhouette? Regards Bill
  4. Hello Forum Flying 747 into Brisbane Airport - all gates in use every time. Sent to general aviation parking every time. Not using AI Australia and New Zealand. Using AI Aircraft from NMG. No problems elsewhere Air Traffic set to minimum.
  5. Hello ORBX Support I am really surprised that the developers at ORBX creating such great software - cannot get Dynamic Lighting sorted at their airports in Australia (such as Melbourne, Brisbane) Regards Bill Gradwell
  6. Hello Nick Yes using TEGB South. See attached pics. Also virtually impossible to fly into EGLC. As soon as I get into the EGLC scenery the FPS drops to below 5 FPS making landing impossible. Regards Bill
  7. Hello Support Having problems with elevation levels with my EGLC airport Running P3d V4.5 I5 6800k overclocked (just mentioned cause FPS really bad) Please advise which BGL should not be there - kind of causing elevation problems Regards Bill Gradwell
  8. Hello Support Anything can be done to resolve the apron lighting issue. Yes that dark silhouette of 737 is me just flown in from Sydney Think last told that there is no dynamic lighting at this airport from ORBX - does not sound right! Regards Bill Gradwell
  9. Hello Nick Current (if new - system says latest version) Vector control looks and works like the old version? Regards Bill Gradwell
  10. Hello Graham ...,,,, but do have AI Airports Oz and New Zealand installed. Thanks Bill
  11. Hello Graham When I installed Australia v2 I removed Au1 and never installed holgermesh for Australia. Thanks Bill Gradwell
  12. Hello Support Running Australia 2 with P3dV4.4 Example flight from YSSY to YBBN daytime flight. Having blocks of night time scenery all the way to Brisbane Reloaded Australia v2 Do not have Tampa Sydney loaded Done a re-sync Please advise Regards Bill Gradwell
  13. See below A local developer NMG has found a solution and will apply to their software. Maybe ORBX can deem something from them on a solution from their products For Prepar3D only: There was a problem with the dynamic apron lights in all our airport packages… They work when you depart from the airport, but when you fly into an airport from any other destination at night, then the apron lights will be switched off and the apron dark. We have recently found a fix for it, but it involves that we will need to update all our airport packages with this fix. We fully intend to do this in time, but it will not be an overnight fix. We therefore ask that you please be patient with us as we implement this fix with other updates we are planning. For now; Cape Town is fixed, and the apron lights will always be on at night, no matter from where you are flying in from.
  14. Hello Support I have Prepard3d v4.5 and installed Australia 2 and Brisbane Airport. Starting a night flight I have all ground equipment correctly lit by apron lighting but my aircraft is a black silhouette Any help to resolve this? Best Regards Bill Gradwell
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