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  1. Hello I believe I have achieved all I wanted when I started all this. I have a replacement airport that you can include in a flight plan. The product has been updated to warn others of the problem and let them know what they are buying. The who thing has been an example of a true quality cycle. I am not sure that I can, or ever will have the last word!!! I will try "THANKS"
  2. Hello , my refund request was denied, despite the fact it's impossible to use ENNK in any flight plan. Excellent customer service. Richard Lincoln (Orbx Simulation Systems) Mar 12, 7:23 AM AEDT Hi, Please read our Refund policy found here Sir. https://orbxdirect.com/refunds The reason you have given, is not cause for the Refund to be Granted
  3. Thanks, I have submitted a ticket and thanks for the warning.
  4. Hello Just purchased Narvik in the sale, great I find it's closed in the real world 1/04/17 and their is no navdata for it in any airac. How do I apply for a refund?
  5. Thanks Nick and I have posted there. I just wanted to share this information in case it benefited people here and possibly get some useful feed-back.
  6. Good afternoon or Morning all I have a 144Hz monitor and have proved and confirmed visually that setting the frame rate in P3d V4.1 to 54 is the best setting. It gives me a very stable crystal clear image, and stops any low level cloud flicker in mountains. I have arrived at this through the science of experimentation. If anyone can explain this for me thanks.
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