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  1. Congratulations Jackbus ! And... Ydelta, you're definitely a gentleman ! Cheers !
  2. I am happy to hear about Martyn. His eagle has been flying too far from the forum for too long... Thanks Jack !
  3. Seems that "blue" is your favorite color, isn't it ... ? The first time I use sunglasses to see shots on the forum... Thank you for this summer trip! It means a lot as I have postponed my holidays ... An awesome blue atmosphere in all shots! Well done and thanks for have reinstalled twice... No, for sharing I mean ! Cheers !
  4. Does this mean what I've said is on the way* (finally coming true* ?!)... FTX Iberian Peninsula &/or TrueEarth Iberian Peninsula (&/or MSFS Iberian Peninsula ...) Cheers !
  5. Wow, wow, wow. The sunset lighting is pretty cool... Thanks for sharing! Cheers !
  6. Real beauty in one shot at sunset ... Well done! Cheers !
  7. Magnificent shots !! Cheers !
  8. Sometimes you have to change your perspectives to find new solutions to problems... But what was the problem here for using a 747 for that? LOL Cheers !
  9. Excellent choice for the airline livery ! Thanks for sharing and for the feedback ! Cheers ! PS: any news about Martyn? it's been a long time since I've seen his "eagle" on the forum ...
  10. This is exactly what happens when you leave a 747 in the hands of a top gun: Just Like a Pro!!! But it's still pretty scary! PS: But wait a minute... I hope my parcels were not on board !... Cheers !
  11. Unfortunately, my English is too poor to express how stunning these shots are. Thanks for sharing ! Cheers !
  12. OK ! It's not exactly a bridge, but what about to fly under the Eiffel tower when Orbx team will release one day the "CityScene Paris" Cheers !
  13. Dear Jack, There are not many bridges left under which you have not fly yet ! Great shots and thanks for sharing ! Cheers !
  14. Great place for a Green Honeycreeper to fly ... I like this "propeller bird" and its perfect symbiosis in every shot, especially in such a beautifully rendered environment. Fantastic! Well done and thanks for sharing! Cheers !
  15. Vibrant and stunning shots ! Thanks for sharing. Cheers !
  16. Really cool ! Attendant: On behalf of the entire crew, welcome aboard and thank you for choosing to fly "Splatch Airlines". Be aware that it is a new company. Thus, do not touch fuselage: fresh paint ! Cheers !
  17. Message received loud and clear! I am proud to be part of the "armée de l'air"... I am very impressed by the quality of your blue sky which perfectly matches the overall quality of the other colors and details of your great shots. Fantastic job! Well done and thanks for sharing! Cheers !
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